Review: Rob Moratti – Paragon

Review: Rob Moratti – Paragon

AOR Heaven (October 30th 2020)

Reviewer: David Pearce

Rob Moratti has been a fixture of the melodic rock scene for a number of years now. He has been the lead singer for Saga and Final Frontier and now he is releasing ‘Paragon‘ a solo project to follow 2019’s brilliant and well received ‘Renaissance‘ album.

The first track ‘I’m Falling‘ is a Europe style guitar driven song that explodes after a very quiet opening. Straight away, Moratti shows that his range is undiminished, and his voice is as powerful as ever. It is a really good opener that sets the tone for the album.

The second track, ‘Rise Above‘, has a hint of Mike and the Mechanics as Moratti’s voice and the tune reflect Silent Running (On Dangerous Ground) before moving into a Def Leppard style chorus. Track three is ‘What Have We Become‘, a classy rock ballad that works very well with Moratti’s quieter vocals in the verses contrasting with the heavier chorus that takes things up a notch.

Remember‘ is a slice of 80s AOR that shows Moratti’s versatility across a number of rock genres. ‘Where Do We Go From Here‘ is a smooth song that seems to be channelling REO Speedwagon and it could get a lot of airplay on rock stations as it is a very commercial sounding track. ‘Drifting Away‘ has another Europe style guitar opening before it settles into a Mr Mister style soft rock song complete with Moratti’s soaring vocals.

Break the Chains‘ is a gorgeous ballad that just oozes class from the musical performances of the whole band and Moratti’s typically excellent vocals. It’s probably my favourite track on the album. ‘Alone Anymore‘ ups the tempo and returns to the heavier end of the spectrum with driving guitars and really good harmonies on the chorus.

Bullet Proof Alibi‘ shows a grittier side to Moratti’s vocals that really suits the song and helps to give it a real weight. ‘All I’m Living For‘ is another excellent rock ballad that Moratti gives his all to. ‘Picking Up the Pieces‘ is a fun 80s style track that takes AOR and brings it up to date courtesy of another great vocal performance that floats over the top of the tight playing of the musicians behind him.

Stay Away‘ is the final track and it finishes the album on a really good track that showcases the strengths we have heard in the previous 11 songs. The common factor for all these songs is Moratti’s no holds barred approach to singing together with his ability to suit his voice perfectly to every song he sings.