Review: Newman – Ignition

Review: Newman – Ignition

AOR Heaven (Mar 28th 2020)

Reviewer: Stephen Brophy

Steve Newman is back with his band and a bunch of new songs, one of the stalwarts of the UK AOR scene, Newman have released a number of excellent albums over the years, so how does new release ‘Ignition‘ stack up. Steve Newman alongside the songwriting and vocals provides all of the instruments on this one aside from drums, which are taken care of by Rob McEwen. With some great additional backing vocals coming from the takents of Doug Bartlett and Mark Thompson Smith. If you are a Newman fan you will be sure to like this one too

First up on this 12 track album is ‘End Of The Road‘ by the title would appear to be the ideal song to finish an album by, but perhaps it would lead to many questions due to the track title and lyrical content, but it doesn’t matter where they place it on the album it is a good track. Nice variety here running from rockers to some slower style tracks, criss crossing right throughout. For some reason ‘The Island‘ doesn’t really grab me, but that could certainly be just me, not quite sure what it is that doesn’t do it, but it’s a minor quibble.

Highlights here for me are the excellent ‘Chasing Midnight‘ which for some reason during the spoken piece at the beginning makes me think of Jeff Scott Soto, but there is just something running through this one that brings a smile to my face and makes me move, be it the solid beat, crunchy riff, keyboards or vocals everything just runs together so well, top stuff as always. ‘Wild Child‘ is another that grabs you, has a different sound, deeper and very old school especially once you hit the chorus, love it. Add in the pumping ‘Promise Me‘ or ‘Welcome To The Rush‘, there’s just plenty here to keep the brain ticking along, having spent quite a bit of time with this one on many rambles around the local area it really isn’t an album I feel like moving on from just yet.

Another excellently put together album from Steve Newman, no doubt at all if you are a fan of their his previous work this one is going to hit the spot, and if you aren’t familiar then seriously go check them out. Classy AOR, great songwriter and composer and the hooks are plentiful. Have to say I love the keyboards on this album, lifting things and just adding something a little bit extra when you aren’t expecting it. Overall just another cracking album from Newman, AOR or Melodic Rock, call it what you may but this is great Rock music, delivered by one of the most talented melodic rock musicians of the last 20 years, get it and enjoy it.