Review: Newman – Ignition

AOR Heaven (Mar 28th 2020)

Reviewer: Stephen Brophy

Steve Newman is back with his band and a bunch of new songs, one of the stalwarts of the UK AOR scene, Newman have released a number of excellent albums over the years, so how does new release ‘Ignition‘ stack up. Steve Newman alongside the songwriting and vocals provides all of the instruments on this one aside from drums, which are taken care of by Rob McEwen. With some great additional backing vocals coming from the takents of Doug Bartlett and Mark Thompson Smith. If you are a Newman fan you will be sure to like this one too

First up on this 12 track album is ‘End Of The Road‘ by the title would appear to be the ideal song to finish an album by, but perhaps it would lead to many questions due to the track title and lyrical content, but it doesn’t matter where they place it on the album it is a good track. Nice variety here running from rockers to some slower style tracks, criss crossing right throughout. For some reason ‘The Island‘ doesn’t really grab me, but that could certainly be just me, not quite sure what it is that doesn’t do it, but it’s a minor quibble.

Highlights here for me are the excellent ‘Chasing Midnight‘ which for some reason during the spoken piece at the beginning makes me think of Jeff Scott Soto, but there is just something running through this one that brings a smile to my face and makes me move, be it the solid beat, crunchy riff, keyboards or vocals everything just runs together so well, top stuff as always. ‘Wild Child‘ is another that grabs you, has a different sound, deeper and very old school especially once you hit the chorus, love it. Add in the pumping ‘Promise Me‘ or ‘Welcome To The Rush‘, there’s just plenty here to keep the brain ticking along, having spent quite a bit of time with this one on many rambles around the local area it really isn’t an album I feel like moving on from just yet.

Another excellently put together album from Steve Newman, no doubt at all if you are a fan of their his previous work this one is going to hit the spot, and if you aren’t familiar then seriously go check them out. Classy AOR, great songwriter and composer and the hooks are plentiful. Have to say I love the keyboards on this album, lifting things and just adding something a little bit extra when you aren’t expecting it. Overall just another cracking album from Newman, AOR or Melodic Rock, call it what you may but this is great Rock music, delivered by one of the most talented melodic rock musicians of the last 20 years, get it and enjoy it.

Review: Dynazty – The Dark Delight

AFM Records (April 3rd 2020)

Reviewer: Stephen Brophy

Dynazty are a band that manage to continue to put out very regular output while still retaining a freshness. ‘The Dark Delight‘ is the Swedes 7th studio album and once again it’s a real cross genre affair, blending hard/melodic Rock with Power Metal, and interesting mix for me that they always seem to get right in the balance. There is no doubting their caliber as musicians, but because of other projects they work on it is perhaps a surprise that they can manage to continue to put so much effort into Dynazty, but long may it continue.

This time around there are 12 tracks on offer, and so many of these are just excellent, with opener ‘Presence Of Mind‘ setting the tone for what’s the follow. There is a power right through this album that just picks you up and carries you along, when you have listened to it for a period of time it just seems to be getting better and better in your head. For me the production on this one just makes everything shine, the power of the vocals delivered by Nils Molin ( also Amaranthe) to the sharpness of the guitars be it the crunching riff’s to the soaring solos or monstrous drumming, but as with most albums that live long in the memory I don’t find anything over powering in the mix. So not only talented musicians, but they produced the album themselves showing there’s no shortage of talent in that department either, Jacob Hansen’s mixing skills keep everything tight and vibrant.

Highlights for me are the excellent gritty ‘Paradise Of The Architect‘ which just rips along with  powerful drumming creating that backdrop beautifully. Alongside the wonderful ‘Heartless Madness‘ and beautiful balladesque ‘Hologram‘ that lifts from a quiet start to once again that powerful mid section, something about these tracks that has the ability to continue to hold your attention. ‘Heartless Madness‘ was one of the lead singles for the album and that’s no surprise, it is so upbeat, European Power Metal for sure, so melodic wonderful swathes of screaming solos and a track you can almost feel people moving to in live venue.  The title track closes things out in style, but there are a bunch of top songs here, really well written an put together.

This really is a cracking album from a band that continues to deliver, but this one is a bit special, it continues to bring you back to listen again and again, and not like many albums to one specific song. Tempo changes and style differences make the feel of different tracks seem miles apart, but at the same time it doesn’t ruin the flow of the album. Having a vocalist with the talents of Nils is of course a massive bonus, but everyone steps up on this release and again it’s an album you should immerse yourself in, let it wash over you, so far it’s my album of the year to date and in our current strange World this is a perfect album to stick on your mobile device and listen to while on your daily exercise routine, at the moment I tend to get out for a 5km walk and it’s the perfect companion to lift the pace to. Don’t miss out on this release, music is a passion to hold dear right now, pick this one up it’s a classy piece of work.



Review: Robert Tepper Better Than The Rest

AOR Heaven (September 27th 2019)

Reviewer: Stephen Brophy

Most people will remember the song ‘No Easy Way Out‘ from the Rocky IV movie, but perhaps be unaware that the man behind the song was NJ born songwriter/singer Robert Tepper. That was a pretty big hit at the time and has continually received airplay over the yeas, especially in Europe where there were many different genre mixes of the song that kept airplay going. Continuing both recording and writing, although album releases have been a bit sporadic, his work mainly consisted of writing for TV/Film, so it’s great to see a new album of original material almost seven years since the last release.

Better Than The Rest‘ brings us 11 songs mixing styles, mostly Rock, some more pop orientated and a definite mix of keyboards/electronic sounds, what is consistent throughout though is an upbeat punchy feel to the tracks, excellent vocals and music that suits each of the compositions, from the screaming solos littered around the title track to those back beats on tracks like ‘Tell Me You Love Me‘.

There is something very calming about the music on this album, hard to put your finger on why, but listening to if over the last couple of months and it just has that ability to remove some of the stresses and strains of life, that alone is a brilliant trait. It may not be an in your face style release, and in places perhaps a little too laid back, but it’s certainly not a criticism.

Highlights on this album are opener ‘Why Does Over (Have To Be So Sad)‘ which sets a nice scene, has some great backing vocals leading in and it’s just one of those tracks and has you coming back for return visits, ‘Show Me Where The Light Is Going‘ which has an almost Van Halenesque opening, not as frenetic or heavy perhaps, but a nice solid riff right through the middle with a really solid rocker wrapped all the way around it, and  the terrific closer ‘You Know Just How You Feel‘ which provides an excellent ending to this chapter of Robert’s story. This one just builds as it progresses, a really strong track and lifts as though it may power on to be something more aggressive, but then gets pulled back to a more emotional place, was not what I expected but works damn well.

The reality here is that Robert Tepper continues to be an excellent songwriter, with some excellent tracks in the mix on this album, it’s great to hear new material and we will hopefully see him back on the road in the UK soon. If this one passed you by on release then do yourself a favour and pick it up over the Christmas period, great mix of Rock, a little Country/Americana in places and just overall good music. Would definitely be nice to here some of these tracks live. Perhaps it’s not better than all the rest but it’s certainly better than a lot of releases these days.

Now is the turn of reviewer Stephen Brophy and his choices for Top Ten Albums Of 2019. So in no particular order here they are:

Work Of Art – Exhibits

Elles Bailey – The Road I Call Home

Ashen Crown – Obsolescence

Kris Barras Band – Light It Up

New Model Army – From Here

Flotsam And Jetsam – The End Of Chaos

The Defiants – Zokusho

Crazy Lixx – Forever WildAvantasia – Moonglow

Evergrey – The Atlantic

Jailbirds The Great Escape

Golden Robot Records (July 5th 2019)

Reviewer: Stephen Brophy

 Jailbirds are an Australian / Irish 4 piece Rock band based in Dublin. The guys have been working really hard to build up a really good reputation and no shortage of fans on the local scene, so now is the time for their first Album to be unleashed on the public. Consisting of the MacDonald brothers on lead vocals/guitar and drums, Ed Orr on rhythm guitar and Jamie Trimble on bass these four young guys make one hell of a racket and live they are just electric.

The lovely acoustic into on the opening title track is of course a little misleading, there is no doubt in their sound that these guys produce classic Rock/Metal and that this is a fine opening salvo from Jailbirds. We get treated to 8 tracks on this one and there’s certainly differences in tempo and style throughout, which is always great.

There is something a little refreshing about this album, not sure I can put my finger on exactly what it is that’s drawing me back over and over, but it’s there, it’s a package rather than just a couple of individual tracks, but still there are highlights here, ‘Loose Canon‘ is just a kick ass rocker that like most of the tracks on this album will obviously translate brilliantly live. ‘Nothing Good Lasts Forever‘ has some earworm inducing catchy riffs that run right through the middle of it and ‘The Pilot‘ that again is catchy as hell and just pounds along and like everywhere else on the album Axel’s vocals are on the money with some strong backing vocals to kick it up a level, for me the best think about this one is that it’s most definitely a group effort, everything works in a tight unit.

There is a grit to this music, a bite, it’s not light and happy there are definitely elements of shade in this album, but at the same time it’s certainly upbeat and not grimm. When you get the chance to see these guys live please do, that’s when it all pieces itself together so nicely there is a ravenous feel to the live show, this is a hungry young band and that’s great.

For a first release this Rock ‘N’ Roll roller coaster is a thrill ride, elements of antipidean rockers AC/DC and Airborne are in the makeup but this is very much Jailbirds and hopefully they are here to stay, please check these guys out you won’t regret it if you like power rock that’s unabashed fun, a classic sound but still fresh and best of all it just gets in your head from the first listen.


Review: Ketos First Strike

Hostile Media  (April 26th 2019)

Reviewer: Stephen Brophy 

Hailing from Northern Ireland Ketos play a very melodic based style of Thrash, but with some more aggressive vocals at times, the end result is their 9 song debut album ‘First Strike‘, and although this one did not grab me on first listen too much it’s definitely grown on me.

Released through Hostile Media this album is a fine piece of work by a young band still in it’s relative infancy. Have to pay particular attention to the duelling guitars of ‘Dwayne Close‘ and ‘Keith HD‘ who really do shred so well in unison or alone, and the excellent Peter Renshaw who manages to completely pull off sounding like two different vocalists, it’s not something that every singer can do and in both styles he sounds great. Some great power on show here. Add in the power of the backline of James Popple (Bass) and Gareth Dick (Drums) just helps to elevate this release.

There are some cracking tracks on here, from the opener ‘Escape The Chains‘ with it’s gatling gun drumming, just smashing you in the face it’s a great way to open the album, then there’s  ‘Harmacist‘ which is a real beast beast of a track, speeding along like a freight train with no brakes and then it punches into a very Testament style chorus but the track generally has more speed and more aggression, it’s a keeper. ‘Temptations‘ is another track that manages to keep coming back into your head and just grabs control, there’s a certain maturity that perhaps wouldn’t be expected in this setup yet, but it’s here and there’s a lot more to come from this band. In places I’m reminded of their influences but the maintain enough of their own fresh stamp everywhere.

Overall this is a powerful debut from a band that clearly has a lot of promise and no shortage of talent. The whole package works well together here, the music, the arrangements the production and most importantly the songs. Ketos are not a name fresh on everyone’s tongue just yet, but give this a spin and keep an eye out for them. Can’t wait to see what direction they choose as they develop but this is an excellent start..

Track list:

  1. Escape The Chains
  2. Into The Maelstrom
  3. Temptations
  4. Harmacist
  5. Ascendant
  6. The Lost Ones
  7. Full Force
  8. Fall In Line
  9. First Strike

Official Website


Review: Lonerider – Attitude

Escape Music (April 26th 2019)

Reviewer: Stephen Brophy

Anytime you hear of a project that involves Steve Overland you tend to take a little more notice than usual, and Lonerider is no exception to that rule. But when Steve’s partner in crime from Shadowman, Steve Morris on guitar,  is also involved you sit up a little straighter, then you see the band is filled out with Chris Childs (Thunder) on bass and the legendary Simon Kirke (Free/Bad Company) on drums then this has all the possibilities of being a special album.

Released by Escape Music Ltd at the end of April this was certainly an album that got caught in the flurry of recent releases, but please go check it out, there are some really excellent songs on this one, Steve’s vocals are allowed to breathe, there’s great variety between AOR, bluesy rock and with the likes of ‘Yesterday Heroes‘ perhaps even a touch more southern rock or an Americana feel. What’s never in question here is the quality on show. Musically, how it’s put together, the production and the songs themselves are just top notch. There’s something really powerful in Steve Morris’s guitar work, and it just sounds so good here all the way through.

Anyone that is a fan of FM, Shadowman or just Rock in general should get something from this album, it’s got plenty to give and is constructed so well, and there’s a terrific flow right through. Naturally with such a well known and recognisable voice it’s going to have you drawing comparisons to FM/Shadowman etc…. but this band is it’s own entity, and although it exists is a similar space to those bands it stands on it’s own feet.

Sometimes when a band like this is put together there’s just no soul to it, you can’t feel any passion, but pardon the pun, there’s definitely attitude in this one. Strongest songs on this album are probably the track of the ‘Lonerider‘ with the blues riff running down the middle of it,  the excellent ‘Angel Without Wings‘ which grabs you back time and again, a song I think that will continue to bounce around the head long after the stereo has been turned off, a little different in sound and all the better for it. And ‘Yesterday Heroes‘ which seems to float along and benefits massively from the subtle treatment it gets.

So where does the Lonerider project go, I’m not sure, I guess it’s worrying they’ve not setup a Website or Social Media page for the band, but it doesn’t mean that if schedules allow and either the participants enjoyed it or it did well with fans there won’t be a follow up, it would be most welcome. Lonerider offer something different from what the bands the members here already play with, and it’s always such a pleasure to hear Steve’s voice on anything, but this has good rocking and great melody. Some live dates would be of course very welcome if they were to materialise and lets hope that second album gets done, this one is a cracker and would be a shame to just have the possibility that more people miss it than hear it, the more I listen to it the more I like it.

Review: Matt Mitchell & The Coldhearts Matt Mitchell & The Coldhearts

Rock ‘N’ Growl Records  (May 31st 2019)

Reviewer: Stephen Brophy

A name that will be well known to most with an interest in the UK Hard Rock scene, Matt Mitchell, of Pride and more recently Furyon and Colour Of Noise, releases his latest venture on an unsuspecting world, Matt Mitchell & The Coldhearts is a variable hot pot of styles and makes for a very interesting album to listen to. Definitely a little Chris Cornell thrown into the mix alongside many of Matt’s other influences, this is a very interesting listen.

Going to be one of those albums that hangs around my music players for quite some time, you don’t survive as long as Matt has in this industry without making some terrific friends and contacts that are musicians, and the music here is top notch, delighted to see the wonderful Stevie Watts playing Keys on this album, he’s one of the most talented players in the UK, there’s no doubt about that.

Anyone expecting just a standard Hard Rock album will hopefully be open to hearing something a little different, and perhaps it’s because of the variations in sounds and styles that it’s grown on me so much.

Sometimes albums don’t have to have a free flow through the songs, and this is certainly one of those albums, everything works so really well together, but it’s not like one single piece of music chopped into segments, it’s almost like a number of different bands, and for this particular project that works just great. Matt’s a very talented songwriter as well as being a recognisable singer who has always delivered with different styles in the bands he’s played with.

Highlights have to be the lead single, ‘Black Diamonds‘ which really kicks things off with a bang, rocking and bluesy this is a great starter, powerful rocker ‘On And On‘,  the outstanding ‘Dare You To Watch‘ that has a real earworm of an intro, strong riffs and something that I think would also sound amazing done acoustically and ‘Waiting On The Sun‘ which is quite captivating, but this album is so much more than a collection of styles thrown together, each track has been carefully chosen and put together, time and attention to detail seem to be the key with a labour of love like this.

So overall, I’m loving this album the longer a spend with it, listening to different aspects, be it the more rocking tunes or the, the beauty of ‘Waiting For The Sun‘ or the blues filled punchy rock of the opener, and I’m still listening to it regularly which is always a really good sign, very much worth checking out and some really good work from Matt and his team.

HRH AOR VII – Day 1 – 14-03-2019

Presthaven Sands, Prestatyn

Review: Stephen Brophy

Photography: Stephen Brophy 

Sometimes you look at a Festival and just find it hard to believe that it’s the 7th year it’s been running and you have attended every year, this year as HRH transition to a new home base in Great Yarmouth we are visiting Prestatyn for a brief visit.

The day begins with some short Acoustic set for HRH Dark Circle members who got to see the excellent Gorilla Riot. The it was time for the main stage to open and to get everything kicked off..

The New Breed

The first band to hit the stage are The New Breed from Manchester and they went down a storm, with lead singer Jay paying homage to one of this evenings other acts, Dave Bickler, with a very fetching t-shirt. These guys wasted no time at all and went for it straight from the moment they hit the stage. They really tried to get the crowd involved whenever the opportunity arose and also were very appreciative of the support they were receiving, which is always nice to see. Definitely a band to keep an eye on, look forward to seeing them develop and move up the billing at Festivals like this, they play a brand of Rock ‘N’ Roll that has something a little different and as the songs develop there’s lots of promise in what you hear. Great way to open the Festival and one I’m sure the guys won’t forget.

Knock Out Kaine

This appearance was tinged with a little sadness, being the last show by this lineup and being known as Knock Out Kaine, not that the guys are disappearing, but still when a member moves on the dynamic often changes, and these guys were clearly going to go out with a bang. Having always thought that this band should have been bigger it’s no surprise that when in top gear the songs sound terrifc. And they really do have some banging songs in the repertoire, and as always Dean Foxx is a frontman with presence, not just a cracking voice but power and emotion to boot.

Clearly some big KOK fans had moved to the front and centre of the barrier and you could see the infection spread with killer version of “Ain’t Your Kind” bringing more in the now large crowd into the fray. and then the ability to drop the pace down for “Coming Home” was effortless and held onto the momentum they’d built. Lee certainly enjoyed his farewell making a foray into the crowd to say goodbye, and then it was back to a smashing finale, look forward to seeing Dean and the guys in whatever guise they are on the road in next, always put in a big performance, and perfect for a party night.

Dave Bickler

Having appeared for the first time on a UK stage only a couple of years ago it was great to see the former Survivor frontman Dave Bickler making a return trip for HRH AOR. And this time armed, finally, with his new solo album Darklight and a new band for this run of UK Dates, which includes FM’s excellent guitarist Jim Fitzpatrick, they work their way though a set littered with Survivor hits alongside some of Dave’s solo tracks.

Sadly it’s quite obvious from the start that something isn’t quite right with the vocals this evening, and Dave apologises early on for a croak in his throat, however he doesn’t make excuses and powers on, with some tracks coming across much better than others.  Perhaps he should have looked for a little more audience participation from that start, but as attested to by a number of people the voice was in much better shape at shows earlier in the week. Either way I will always commend an artist for pushing through the pain and trying to give the crowd as good a show as possible under difficult conditions. Back to the music, for me it’s the Survivor tracks that hit home most, again Dave paid tribute to another Survivor legend Jimi Jamison who we so sadly lost in 2014 with “Burning Heart” and not also a tribute to the recent passing of ex-Survivor Bass Player Stephan Ellis, which was nice to see. Dave always comes across as being a very amiable type of guy, loves music, but doesn’t always look the most comfortable  frontman on stage, that being said he definitely gets into the spirit of things when needed.

Highlights for me and I’m sure a lot of others were “Rebel Girl” which sounded great, “I Can’t Hold Back” and of course the song that most people were waiting for, the massive “Eye Of The Tiger” which was really good and definitely aided by Dave getting the crowd involved a little more, so many singing along, clapping along and just having a great time, it was a fantastic way to end the set and get everyone ready for tonights Headline act.


This band has over the course of 30 years gone through just about everything, and to see them still wowing crowds, and more importantly absolutely loving what they do is a sight to behold. Add to that the fact that Danny Vaughn still has an amazing voice and somehow managed to find the fountain of youth, we have all the elements of a wonderful show here, and that’s exactly what we get.

Rather than play the “Strength In Numbers” album from start to finish as it was recorded, often that sort of order just doesn’t fit the show, creates a slightly odd flow to things, so rightly the guys have thought about it a bit and fitted the tracks in and around some classics, some newer songs and a golden nugget or two. But Tyketto are known for blowing the roof off, and when you open your set with.a rasping version of “Inherit The Wind” and the pumping anthem that is “Meet Me In The Night” you are in no doubt that it’s on.

The band is on absolutely top form right now, with a solidified lineup, Chris Green (Guitar) seems to be just getting better and better, and that massive smile says it all, his solos are just electric. Despite the band living in different States and Countries it’s like they all live in the same house, a family indeed. Have noticed more and more in recent shows just how damn good Ged’s backing vocals are alongside the excellent work on keyboards, Greg Smith (Bass) has fitted in so well and really there’s not much more I can say about either Michael (Drums) or Danny (Vocals) to still show the hunger, still put everything into every show and leave the stage smiling from ear to ear, it really does warm the heart, this is what Rock music should be, great playing, great songs and a full house of fans singing and dancing into the night.

From the beauty of “The End Of Summer Days” and “Write Your Name In The Sky” to the bluesy interlude of “Why Do You Cry?” and into the balls out rock of “Rescue Me”, “Strength In Numbers” which really seems to have taken a life of it’s own on this run of dates. As always you leave the venue wanting more and never feeling that you haven’t been involved in a special event.

Long may we get this band playing shows and Festivals in the UK, they are still a force to be reckoned with live and it’s so hard not to sing along to the classic tracks. This time around it was great to hear some of the tracks from Strength In Numbers that don’t very often get an airing, alongside a track most people have never heard and the undeniable force that songs like “Forever Young” (where Danny was joined by VEGAs Nick Workman) and the wonderful set closer “Standing Alone”. Terrific way to end a really great evenings entertainment with the knowledge that there’s lots more to come on Day’s 2 and 3.

Track list:

Inherit The Wind

Meet Me In The Night

All Over Me

Catch My Fall

The End Of Summer Days

Wait Forever

Big Money

Ain’t That Love

Write Your Name In The Sky

Why Do You Cry ?

Rescue Me

Strength In Numbers

Forever Young (with Nick Workman)

Encore :-

The Last Sunset


Standing Alone

copyright 2019© RPR Media UK / Tears Of Fire Photography

Review: Trishula Scared To Breathe

AOR Heaven (Mar 23rd 2019)

Reviewer: Stephen Brophy

Trishula is the name of a new band put together by guitarist Neil Fraser (Rage Of Angels/TEN) and is the evolution of a solo project that he has been working on for quite some time now, so it’s great to see this album being released on the AOR Heaven label.

Along with Neil himself on Guitars, Bass and Keyboards he has managed to recruit former Rage Of Angels bandmates Jason Morgan (Vocals) and Joao Colaco (Drums) with additional keyboards being added by Magnum’s Rick Benton. A very solid band indeed, and most likely because Neil knew exactly what he wanted to do with the songs it sounds like the guys have been working together for a considerable period of time.

Anyone that has already heard the lead single and album title track ‘Scared To Breathe‘ will already know what this album is all about, a sweeping introduction leads into a cracking song , alongside the guitars which were always going to be a focal point and Joao’s powerful drumming you have Jason’s super strong vocal delivery, switching neatly between styles for whatever the song requires, and with the variety on this album it all works really well. For those that get the Instrumental track ‘For A Friend‘ it’s a beautiful meandering piece that is really emotive.

Highlights for me include the aforementioned title track ‘Scared To Breathe‘ which is just a cracking Hard Rock song that goes from zero to 100 in 1 second flat but never goes too far it sounds great, alongside ‘Suicide Satellite‘ which is a powerhouse of a Rock song, that has a very bluesy tone and just builds in a little bit of aggression and kick through the chorus and this one could be a monster live. It’s the type of track that has the word single written all over it . One track that just keeps dragging me in time and again is ‘A Thousand Pieces‘, there’s a lot of depth in this one and it just seems to have something a little different each time I listen to it, there’s a beautiful flow to this song.

The guitar playing, unsurprisingly, is really outstanding throughout, this is most definitely Neil’s baby, but the rest of the guys get a lot of opportunity open their wings throughout, Jason in particular has ample opportunity to showcase that massive voice of his while also getting the chance to show his control on the slower tracks .

It would be a shame if there wasn’t a chance for this band to get out and play some live dates, there are some really excellent songs here that deserve to be heard, and Neil has poured his heart and soul into this one, great work all around. Listening to these songs it’s kind of strange but I can see a smile on each of their faces playing these songs and I’m certain we will have the same smiles when we hear them live. This is a really good album and deserves your attention, terrific musicians and a group of strong songs, what’s not to like. Where Neil takes Trishula from here time will tell, but this has been an excellent piece of work, hopefully there’s more to come.

Track list:

  1. I Can See It In Your Eyes
  2. Scared To Breathe
  3. Secrets And Lies
  4. A Thousand Pieces
  5. I Never Cried
  6. Homeland
  7. Don’t Let Go
  8. Suicide Satellite
  9. A Love So Cruel
  10. Magnetic Memories
  11. Jealousy
  12. For A Friend (Instrumental)

Official Website