Review: Autumn’s Child – Autumn’s Child

Review: Autumn’s ChildAutumn’s Child

AOR Heaven (January 31st 2020)

Reviewer: David Pearce

Autumn’s Child’s eponymously titled album starts with a 45 second track called ‘Intro‘ which consists of whispered words and Gregorian style chant that is definitely arresting as well as unexpected.

The second track ‘Rubicon‘ is a soft rock song that brings to mind fellow Swedes Europe with a driving guitar courtesy of Pontus Akesson.

Third track, ‘Glory‘, is a showcase for founder Mikael Erlandsson’s smooth vocals and the drums of Robban Back. ‘Crying for Love‘ is an 80s style tune that oozes class with another great piece of guitar work by Akesson.

Victory‘ is a ballad with another superb vocal performance and great keyboard work from Jona Tee and Claes Andreasson on acoustic guitar holding the song together. ‘I’m Done‘ ramps up the volume and shows a group that can write a heavier tune without losing that Swedish smoothness.

Sayanora Eyes‘ is another ballad that reminds me of Carrie by Europe. ‘Face the Music‘ has a Elton John style piano in the background, a Billy Joel style vocal and a chorus that sounds remarkably like Don’t Go Breaking My Heart!

You’re Breaking My Heart Again‘ is pure 80s AOR and sounds like a lost Survivor track that should accompany a Rocky training montage! ‘Everytime‘ is probably my favourite track on the album that channels Meatloaf and sees Erlandsson’s vocals soar.

Northern Light‘ is another Meatloaf style track that has more than a hint of Modern Girl and is another track that I really love. The final track ‘Heaven Knows Your Name‘ finishes off a really strong trio of tracks that really leave the listener wanting more, and they lift the album to another level.

I have always enjoyed Swedish rock music and this album is a strong entry that certainly bears comparison with some of their famous predecessors especially in those final three tracks.