Review: Stargazer – The Sky Is The Limit

Review: Stargazer – The Sky Is The Limit

Mighty Music (October 11th 2019)

Reviewer: David Mark Pearce

After releasing ‘The Sky Is The Limit‘ and ‘I’m The One‘ from their forthcoming album, this hugely talented band from Norway are setting out their stall as a major force to be reckoned with.

Their self-titled debut was good, but this album sees the four piece really step it up – not just one notch, but several. Ok, so what do they sound like? In the mixing pot I hear TNT, Black Sabbath, Van Halen, Dokken and the guitarist has definitely listened to Blackmore, Le Tekro and George Lynch with, at times, a hint of Malmsteen.

A cave full of reverb is on this album, which suits me just fine. It reminds me of when I mixed my album and a friend said “Wow … I didn’t know you could get that much reverb into a track!”. Well, in comparison, I pale into insignificance! ‘The Sky Is The Limit‘ is packed full of great riffs, great vocals and all round musicianship, which makes an album of great songs you’ll be listening to on repeat for a long time. I should know, as I haven’t stopped listening to it for weeks – fantastic album!



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