Review: Dirty White Boyz – Down And Dirty

Review: Dirty White Boyz Down And Dirty

Escape Music (March 2017)

Reviewer: Stephen Brophy

When the component elements of the band consist of the former frontman of Kiss Of The Gypsy, members of Bailey, Demon and Lawless and you add in a lot of enthusiasm and on top of that you have 3 vocalists, well that’s a brilliant starting point. It also ensures that the backing vocals, to Tony Mitchell’s excellent lead vocals, through the album are just top notch.

The debut album is being released on Escape Music and it’s got to be said this is a cracking piece of work, it’s classic hard rock, has all the elements you want and need and then some. Twelve slabs of very different types of Rock, some heavy with a real kick to them, some ballads, and some classic rock songs, it fits perfectly together and knits into a hell of an album. From excellent twin guitar work on ‘Sanctuary‘, to the cracking ‘Waitin For This Feelin‘ where it’s very easy to just start singing along, especially at the chorus, through the out and out rockers like ‘Dynamite‘ and the slightly more bluesy rocker ‘Bring It On‘ there’s a definitely a bit of something for everyone here, and although there’s a lot of variation here there’s definitely a great flow throughout the album.  The band itself with Paul Hume and Jamie Crees nailing the Guitar sound from start to finish whether it’s a balls out rocker or a slower tempo ballad, just great work as always, Nigel Bailey laying down some terrific Bass runs as always such a solid performer in whatever he does and Neil Ogden so solid behind it all on Drums keeping everything driving forward, well they just eek class. Clearly a band that is very well at ease working with each other and enjoys what they are creating.

Highlights are ‘Hangin’ On A Heartache‘ which is just classic hard rock, beautifully put together and it kicks some ass live. ‘Ride With Angels‘ which has that little bit of a country rock feel to it and the excellent ‘Rise‘ which almost has some pop sensibilities about it before Tony kicks it up a gear on the chorus that just soars, still another very well written track, which is the order of the day here, this is a project that will hopefully have legs and start working quickly on a follow up to this album.

Having been privileged to get to see Dirty White Boyz debut live show at the Just Say Yes charity show in Derby at the end of January, don’t miss out on their upcoming live shows in the UK, there’s that little bit of an extra edge to their sound live, some addition guitar from Tony and they were one of the highlights of an excellent night. Down And Dirty is one of those albums that allows multiple plays without becoming tiresome, there’s plenty of meat on the bone. In what has been a very strong first quarter of the year for new album releases this is an excellent debut, it’s brilliant to have Tony Mitchell back fronting a really talented band, don’t let this release slip between the cracks in the avalanche of new albums coming at you, it would be a massive shame if you missed out on this one. Produced and Mixed by the guys themselves they can be very proud of this release.

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  1. Heard the album in its raw form and is absolutely superb. Hats off to seriously talented guy and a great band.

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