Gotthard – Silver, Details Revealed

Gotthard - Silver

Swiss rockers Gotthard are set to return with their brand new album ‘Silver‘ on January 13th 2107.

The band have checked in with the following:

There’s reason to celebrate! 25 years Gotthard mean that we’ve left Paper, Leather, Wood, Crystal and China behind us, and can properly drink to the Silver Wedding. A quarter of a century of band history is a decent anniversary and appropriately molded into ‘Silver‘. Three months before the official release on January 13, it’s clear that we should pick the little black dress up from the dry cleaners and iron the good shirt, because dressing up for ‘Silver‘ is only fair as the record sports quite a fancy look as well!

The band are all set for an Anniversary Tour, plus the Rock Monsters Of Switzerland.
The Silver tour has Pretty Maids on board and gallops all across Europe from February 9th 2017. Gotthard and Krokus will share the stage in March as Rock Monsters Of Switzerland