Review: Reece – Noise Box EP

Reece - Noise Box

Review: Reece – Noise Box

Reviewer: Dan Mann

Reece are a three piece hailing from South Wales who released this debut EP back in March.

Consisting of four tracks, the EP is a mixture of influences and genres, but without any danger of getting muddled. Kicking off with ‘Fear‘ which is their first single, there are helpings of blues rock guitar mixed in with a contemporary rock sound which creates a foot tapper of a track. Bassist Rob Reece does a fine job on vocals, with a very listenable voice, not one that grates or bores you after a couple of lines.

Moving onto ‘Peace And Harmony‘, I detect hints of Manic Street Preachers mixed with maybe Simple Minds. Certainly an enjoyable contemporary number. Next up the title track, ‘Noise Box‘. This does not sound like a three piece, instead your greeted with a wall of noise, which makes you want to crank it up. A fine rocking track.

And so to the fourth and final song on the EP. ‘I Won’t Let This To Waste‘ is a slower tempo than the previous track, a song that makes you concentrate on the make up and the lyrical content. You realise the complexities and subtleties of the track the more you play it.

With some great guitar playing from Jon Davies, whose tone is very pleasing to these ears and solid drumming from Russ Rogers throughout, I for one would certainly be interested in hearing a complete album from this three piece. Well worth checking out.