Review: Miss Behaviour – Ghost Play


Review: Miss Behaviour – Ghost Play

AOR Heaven Sept 2016

Reviewer: Dan Mann

It’s hard to believe it’s been ten years already since Miss Behaviour released their debut album ‘Heart Of Winter’. Now the band are back with their fourth studio album ‘Ghost Play‘.

From the outset, as the opening notes of ‘Friendly Fire‘ hit the speakers, there’s no doubting who it is your listening to. Seb Roo’s vocal sound and style are so distinctive, together with the all encompassing sound of the band. This is more akin to ‘Last Woman Standing‘ as opposed to their last release ‘Double Agent‘.

While I enjoyed the last release, I’ve always favoured ‘Last Woman Standing’ from the band’s releases. That could very well change, as this album has grabbed me from the very start.

From the opening bars of ‘Friendly Fire‘, through to ‘Save The World‘, this is an album of quality. Seb’s vocals are sounding superb, the band adding layer upon layer of sound to create that distinctive Miss Behaviour that I like so much. The production is nice and clear, with a wide soundscape, no muddiness or lack of punch.

If your not familiar with the band’s output then you really need to bring yourself up to speed and dive straight in. With this release the band have certainly raised the bar!