Review: Find Me – Dark Angel

Find Me - Dark Angel

Review: Find Me – Dark Angel

Frontiers Music Srl (2015)

Reviewer – Stephen Brophy

Although maybe not a household name, Find Me produced one of the best melodic rock albums of 2013 in ‘Wings Of Love‘, which contained the wonderful track ‘Dancing To A Broken Heartbeat‘, for me the thing that stood out from the first lyric was the quality of Robbie LeBlanc’s voice, just wow. So understandably the anticipation for the follow up album was quite high.

And here we are almost at the end of 2015 and Dark Angel is a fitting sophomore album, again there are some excellent tracks here and more excellent vocals from Robbie, with additional accompaniment from the other main partner in Find Me, Daniel Flores on Drums, Keyboards and adding some backing vocals along with Philip Lindstrand Guitars & Bass, Christopher Vetter on Guitars, Sören Kronqvist on Keyboards and Angelica Rylin on vocals for ‘Another Day‘ and additional backing vocals. Everybody contributes really well to the album, it’s opens with a keyboard intro that just bursts into life when the other instruments join in, Lindstrand’s guitar work is excellent throughout and it’s just really light and clean. As with most AOR releases on Frontiers this album is really polished, and fitting with the music this just sounds like another classy album.

The stand out tracks for me are ‘Another Day‘, which is a terrific catchy song, with dual vocals from Robbie and Angelica, it just works really well, there’s a modern yet classic sound to it reminding me of the kind of material Work Of Art have been producing. ‘Where Do I Go From Here‘ as with a number of the other songs starts with a short keyboard intro, which makes it sound very European in style, but the song itself is just a World Class Rock song, with the story not only being spun from the vocals but also from the excellent guitar solos that bind it all together. ‘Bleed In The Rain‘ takes the pace down ever so slightly, but enough to change the whole feel of the track, making it pretty much a ballad. ‘Did You Feel Any Love‘ once again has a keyboard rhythm pulsing through the middle of a classic rock song beautifully played out by by all involved, as with most things here there is an almost epic feel to the sound, it’s definitely different to Wings Of Love, but at the same time manages to maintain the same type of vibe, this is another hit for my money, when you are working with instruments like LeBlanc and Flores with the supporting cast it is much easier to create high quality music.

The closing track ‘I’m Free‘ sounds like it’s straight off a Movie Soundtrack from the 80’s, but again it seems to work really well.

Find Me have swung again and hit again, definitely a contender for Top 10 Album lists for 2015 despite it’s late date of release, you just can’t beat quality. More releases please, listening to Robbie LeBlanc’s voice is a sheer pleasure we can all do with more of. Awaiting album number three with even more anticipation. If you like your rock smooth, classy and with a lot of sugar go out and buy this one, it doesn’t disappoint.