Review: Bridge To Mars – Bridge To Mars

Bridge To Mars

Review: Bridge To Mars – Bridge To Mars

Pride & Joy Music (2016)

Reviewer: Dan Mann

As is the current trend, Bridge To Mars have both feet firmly planted in 70’s era hard rock which is fine by me. Having read the PR blurb on the album, I had an inkling that I’d probably like it.

And like it I most certainly do! And yes it’s another Swedish band leading the way…

The album kicks off with ‘Days That Never Came‘ a track if I’m honest is for me the weakest track on the album. Don’t take that as a negative as it means things just get better and better.

With tracks like ‘Superfi Me‘ absolutely dripping with elements of Led Zeppelin and a dash of the Who and ‘In A White Light‘, at over six minutes long, combining influences of the Black Crows and dare I say Uriah Heep.

Soulshine‘ most certainly has Coverdale/Gillen vocals, and is a track I’ve played again and again (rather loudly).  ‘Amaze My Mind‘, is a totally laid back, chilling out 70’s vibe man! Superb stuff. This band just gets it spot on.

All This Time‘ rounds off this nine track album, with hints of the Beatles thrown into the mix for good measure, leading you on a mesmerising journey for over nine blissful minutes.

So I think it’s fairly obvious that I rather like this release and if 70’s rock / hard rock is your bag , then you will too.