States Of Panic New Album ‘No World Order’


Scottish rockers States Of Panic can finally reveal details of their much anticipated album ‘No World Order’.

Vocalist, Johnny Gunn, states: “The album has been a few years in the making and it has been a real creative roller-coaster.  As an album it perfectly reflects who we are as people and as a band. We’ve been very vocal about our dissatisfaction with the political systems in place since the release of our first single ‘One Of Us’ and our material has never been more relevant. We live in a time when so many feel disenfranchised, the division between rich and poor is wider than ever, and global underclass is rising.”

‘No World Order’ is set for release on 3rd March 2014, but fans don’t have to wait until the new year to get involved, as States Of Panic have launched a Pledge Music campaign so fans can be part of the release. Anyone who pledges will be given access to exclusive demos, remixes, videos from the studio and more; Johnny explains all in the below video –

The campaign also supports the production of a music video to accompany the second single from the album ‘Gun To My Head’, which will be released in December.

Johnny explains: “It’s very much in-keeping with our album artwork and portrays a kind of ‘Brave New World’ type future where everything is technological and clinical. Lyrically the song is about consciousness and being psychologically split i.e., the ego, super ego, id, the Umwelt, Mid Welt, EigenWlt etc. I’ve always been fascinated by psychology and the philosophical concept of ‘The ghost in the machine’. The female character represents this ghost, symbolising the voice we hear, the internal dialogue we all posses but in this case it has malfunctioned and she becomes destructive.”

Find out what’s on offer here

States Of Panic close out 2013 with a number of live dates, including their final festival appearance of the year at Hard Rock Hell

  • 23rd Nov – Marshall UBC, Milton Keynes
  • 29th Nov – Hard Rock Hell, North Wales
  • 30th Nov – The Picture House, Edinburgh
  • 13th Dec – Dreadnought Rock, Bathgate

States Of Panic are:
Johnny Gunn – Vocals
Rusty Gill – Lead guitar
Hex – Bass
Dagan – Rhythm guitar
Hammy – Drums