Like many an epic quest, Danny Vaughn’s journey to make his masterwork ‘Myths, Legends and Lies‘ has been beset by obstacles and ordeals, But today  -Friday 14th June  – Danny is proud to give the story a happy ending as the album hits its eagerly-anticipated release date.

A man who values his fans. Danny has just uploaded a special thank-you video for all the belief and support his friends, family and fans have shown bringing this project to reality: his first solo release album in eleven years .

It’s one that Danny managed to bring to release, despite serious problems that came to light with the PledgeMusic platform he was using. And it’s a testimony to Danny’s vision and commitment – plus the loyalty of Danny’s fans and his close relationship with them,  that the project triumphed over those setbacks. 

Myths, Legends and Lies‘ is the solo album Danny Vaughn has always wanted to make. Though best-known as the frontman of Tyketto, Danny’s solo project showcases his range and talents as singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and storyteller.

Creatively, ‘Myths, Legends and Lies‘ is what Danny describes as “the music I make when left to my own devices.

It’s an album I’ve been talking about making for over fourteen years,” Danny explains, “A bunch of songs I call my orphans: they’re a group of numbers, collected over decades, that I never found a proper home for.

And so, despite all the obstacles and pitfalls it faced, ‘Myths, Legends & Lies‘ has kept on track for its promised release date. Recorded, engineered and mixed by Tim Hamill at Sonic One Studios, Llangennech, Wales, the mastering was completed by Sean Magee [Deep Purple, John Lennon, The Ramones, and The Beatles] at Abbey Road Studios. Now, this impressive album is fully released via Townsend Music. Judge for yourself and enjoy!

UK Live Dates:

July 11: Bannermans in Edinburgh, UK

July 12: Waterloo Music Bar in Blackpool, UK

July 19: Queen’s Hall, Nuneaton

July 20: Tivoli, Buckley

Aug 16: The Dreadnought in Bathgate, UK

Aug 17: The Diamond Rock Bar in Ballymena, N. Ireland

Aug 22: The Black Heart, London

Aug 23: The Cluny, Newcastle

Aug 29: Eleven, Stoke On Trent

Aug 30: The Asylum, Birmingham

Listen to the album here:





And of course the Townsend Music store where you can get some great bundles!

Official Website

Heaven & Earth will release their fourth studio album ‘Hard To Kill‘ on October 6th via Quarto Valley Records.

The album is available for pre-order via Heaven & Earth’s PledgeMusic campaign.

Guitarist and founding member Stuart Smith says “We feel that Hard To Kill is definitely the band’s best work yet, and we’re excited to see how it’s received. We’re looking forward to going on tour and playing selections from all four Heaven & Earth albums, as well as a few surprises.”

Official Website


Review: Terry Ilous – Gypsy Dreams

Fyco Records April 2017

Reviewer: Dan Mann

I’ve been a fan of Terry’s vocals since XYZ first appeared on the scene back in the 80’s. As a vocalist known for singing predominantly hard rock with aforementioned XYZ & Great White, it was certainly intriguing when the ‘Gypsy Dreams‘ project first appeared on PledgeMusic.

I received the album last week as part of the PledgeMusic process and eagerly cranked up the HiFi and sat back in anticipation.

Now let’s make things clear as to the album’s content. This is not a hard rock album. Wait, don’t be put off or dismiss it as you’ll be missing out on a real gem. What Terry has done is put together nine well known songs and given them a bit of a flamenco twist. Has he pulled it off?………..absolutely.

The key things that help bring the whole thing together apart from Terry’s vocal style, are the talented supporting musicians (Luis Villegas on guitar, Jose Garcia on guitar, Chris Trujillo on drums/percussion, Al Velasquez  on drums/percussion, Mike Paganini on bass, Ben Woods on guitar, Mike Bennett on drums/percussion, Jesse Stern  on bass and Natalie Gelman on background vocals) and the excellent production that’s been done.

The re-working of the tracks just works so well. I for one wouldn’t of imagined I’d have a flamenco version of ‘Ride Like The Wind‘ or ‘Wicked Game‘ on repeat play! I’ve actually played the whole album must be a dozen times already.

I can honestly see this album sneaking into my top twenty releases of 2017.

Highly recommended.


Never Outdrunk, Never Outsung – PHUQ Live

On June 3rrd The Wildhearts release ‘Never Outdrunk, Never Outsung – PHUQ Live‘ on Round Records Records.

The live album was recorded when the band reunited in September 2015 to celebrate the 20th anniversary of their most commercially successful album PHUQ and Never Outdrunk, Never Outsung contains the full original album track listing.

Never Outdrunk, Never Outsung was a phrase coined by Wildhearts fan Tom Reed and the album is named in honour of The Wildhearts‘ audience who are ‘very loud and very thirsty!’

P.H.U.Q.‘ (pronounced in obvious fashion!) originally released in May 1995, crashed into the UK Top Ten Album Chart at number 6.  It spawned two Top 40 hit singles, ‘I Wanna Go Where The People Go‘ and ‘Just In Lust‘, which reached numbers 16 and 28 respectively.

Never Outdrunk, Never Outsung – PHUQ Live  opens with the euphoric clarion call ‘I Wanna Go Where the People Go‘ and for the next hour The Wildhearts play huge riffs and catchy choruses taking the audience on a roller coaster journey continuing to captivate their fans before ‘Getting It’ closes out the set in a riot of chants and refrains.  Never Outdrunk, Never Outsung – PHUQ Live is the perfect document for The Wildhearts‘ Anniversary tour 

To pre-order Never Outdrunk, Never Outsung – PHUQ Live go to –

The Wildhearts next show is the Download Festival on June 10th

Track listing:

1 – I Wanna Go Where The People Go

2 – V Day

3 – Just In Lust

4 – Baby Strange

5 – Nita Nitro

6 – Jonesing For Jones

7 – Up Your Arse You Fucking Cunt***

8 – Woah Shit, You Got Through

9 – Cold Patootie Tango

10 – Caprice

11 – Be My Drug

12 – Naivety Play

13 – In Lilly’s Garden

14 – Getting It

Round Records Records is the new record label from Ginger Wildheart – a home for Hey! Hello!, Mutation, live albums and DVDs from The Wildhearts and more. It’s arguably Ginger’s most ambitious project to date; moving from stand-alone individual releases to a fully-fledged record label. PledgeMusic is proud to be partnering with Ginger and Round Records Records for fans to pre-order new releases and access a host of extra and exclusive offers.

Ginger and PledgeMusic have history. In August 2011, Ginger launched his Triple Album Project via Pledgemusic. The pitch was to record a 30-song triple album and the campaign met with immediate success, hitting 100% of the funding target within six hours of launching. The resulting album released in 2012 in single and triple album format was a huge success for Ginger and won him the Classic Rock magazine ‘Event of the Year’ award. Subsequent projects with PledgeMusic have delivered equally stunning results; the last one being a book entitled Songs & Words, which featured archive photos and the stories behind Ginger‘s songs as only Ginger could tell them.

To start things, the Round Records Records launch includes the following;

  • The Wildhearts – PHUQ Live(released 1st July 2016)
  • Ginger Wildheart– Solo Album Boxset(released 5th August 2016)
  • Mutation – Mutation IIIalbum (released 2nd September 2016)

All the details and more


Rolling With The Punches

Legendary glam rockers Vain have announced a pledge campaign to assist with the funding of their new upcoming album ‘Rolling With The Punches‘ which will be released on April 14, 2016.

“Vain’s new album – Rolling With The Punches, is coming out on April 14th 2016 and you can be part of it! Come along for the ride with some exclusive items and stuff you can only get here on PledgeMusic during a limited time.

Vain want to invite our fans to be a part of our new album. This is your chance to meet the band, visit the recording studio, have a private talk with Davy Vain, get personalized stuff and loads of more exclusive offers!

We want this project to be all about our fans. Therefore, we have done our best to make it all about you! We have been listening to what you and other fans wants from us and set up tons of exclusive offers only for you guys!

This is a must for all fans. Thanks for checking it out everybody. And a huge thanks to everybody for all the support over the years! Vain has definitely got the best fans in the world and we can´t wait to take this ride together will all of you!

Rock on! / Vain


Blackwolf - pledge

Rising stars of the British rock scene, Blackwolf have announced they’ve teamed up with PledgeMusic for their second album, the follow up to 2014’s debut ‘The Hunt’.
Since its release, the Bristol five piece have toured with The Answer, Winger, Blues Pills, Von Hertzen Brothers and more. And if that wasn’t enough, in association with Planet Rock Radio BlackWolf headlined their first UK tour and were nominated for ‘Best New Band’ at the Classic Rock Magazine Awards.
So where do you go from there?  Frontman Scott Sharp explains “As proud as we are of our debut album, we knew we couldn’t stay on the road forever; we needed to get back into the studio. Producing the second album sooner rather than later was always on the cards.”
Enter Toby Jebson. The former Little Angels frontman is no stranger to juggling life on the road and recording/producing critically acclaimed albums (his production credits include The VirginMarys, ToselandThe Answer, Saxon). “I think this new album will enthrall and impress in equal measure. This is a band stepping up and finding themselves. I’m very proud to be involved” says Toby.
“Toby’s really helped shape our perceptions and gain the clarity we needed. What we once thought we should sound like has evolved into what we COULD sound like, which is far more exciting for us and our fans. It’s been a revelation working with the man” summarises Sharp. “Creativity is what music is all about and working with Toby and PledgeMusic is exactly where we need to be right now. It gives us the flexibility to explore beyond normal conventions and bring a legitimate album to market.”

PledgeMusic M.D. PAUL BARTON knows all too well the challenges the music industry faces and they play a major part in championing new artists, giving them the opportunity to present their passion via their ingenuis platforms “‘I’m extremely pleased BlackWolf have joined us at PledgeMusic to bring their exciting new album to the fans!  The band teaming up with Toby Jepson is a match made in rock heaven and I can’t wait to hear the results!  I look forward to watching BlackWolf achieve great things with the new album and I’m proud PledgeMusic can be a part of it all.”

BlackWolf and Toby Jepson are currently recording the as yet untitled second album at Vale Studios. The new release will be mixed by Stephen Harris (U2, Santana, Kodaline, Kula Shaker) confirming that something special is waiting in the wings.

More news to come…

For now, head over to BlackWolf’s PledgeMusic page to get the latest updates and discover more:


The Burning Crows - Murder At The Gin House

Burning Crows – Murder At The Gin Palace

Burning Crows Records (2015)

Reviewer: Dan Mann

It’s a welcome return from The Burning Crows, with a brand new album ‘Murder At The Gin Palace‘. After a second extremely successful PledgeMusic campaign, the band were able to re-enter the studio under the watchful eyes of Nick Brine.

If your familiar with the band’s previous releases then there are no real surprises, but don’t take this as a negative, far from it as the band once again deliver a mighty slice of British Hard Rock with a smidgen of sleaze.

Kicking off with ‘Hell To Pay‘ and after a subtle intro your then hit with a very catchy riff and the unmistakable vocal talents of Whippz. As I’ve said on many an occasion, the vocalist is so much the key to any album and this particular gentleman’s slightly gruff style certainly works for me.

The next two tracks ‘Come On‘ and ‘Shine‘ follow in a very similar vein, both with catchy choruses. Then we come to what’s my favorite track on the album ‘Alright‘. I’m sure some reviewers could wax lyrically as to why a particular track appeals to them. Dunno why I like it so much, but it works for me.

Goodbye (To The Sunshine)‘ slows matters down a bit, a track I could see appealing to Quireboys fans. ‘1137‘ is an extremely catchy little number, a real foot tapper and very enjoyable. Guitarist Lance Daniels certainly displays some entertaining playing on ‘Little Bit More‘ which is maybe my second favorite track off the album.

She’s The Summertime‘ reminds me a little of Georgia Satellites. It has that kind of a feel to it. Revving things up we dive into ‘Feels Like Home‘ which I actually find the vocals a little strained on. Maybe this is intentional, but on repeat plays I’ve tended to skip this song. And so we reach the final track of the album. ‘Holding On‘ is the perfect song to round things up with an almost mellow, melodic feel to it and kind of reminds me of Junkyard, if you remember them.

To summarize, most definitely an album for new & old fans alike.


Scottish rockers States Of Panic can finally reveal details of their much anticipated album ‘No World Order’.

Vocalist, Johnny Gunn, states: “The album has been a few years in the making and it has been a real creative roller-coaster.  As an album it perfectly reflects who we are as people and as a band. We’ve been very vocal about our dissatisfaction with the political systems in place since the release of our first single ‘One Of Us’ and our material has never been more relevant. We live in a time when so many feel disenfranchised, the division between rich and poor is wider than ever, and global underclass is rising.”

‘No World Order’ is set for release on 3rd March 2014, but fans don’t have to wait until the new year to get involved, as States Of Panic have launched a Pledge Music campaign so fans can be part of the release. Anyone who pledges will be given access to exclusive demos, remixes, videos from the studio and more; Johnny explains all in the below video –

The campaign also supports the production of a music video to accompany the second single from the album ‘Gun To My Head’, which will be released in December.

Johnny explains: “It’s very much in-keeping with our album artwork and portrays a kind of ‘Brave New World’ type future where everything is technological and clinical. Lyrically the song is about consciousness and being psychologically split i.e., the ego, super ego, id, the Umwelt, Mid Welt, EigenWlt etc. I’ve always been fascinated by psychology and the philosophical concept of ‘The ghost in the machine’. The female character represents this ghost, symbolising the voice we hear, the internal dialogue we all posses but in this case it has malfunctioned and she becomes destructive.”

Find out what’s on offer here

States Of Panic close out 2013 with a number of live dates, including their final festival appearance of the year at Hard Rock Hell

  • 23rd Nov – Marshall UBC, Milton Keynes
  • 29th Nov – Hard Rock Hell, North Wales
  • 30th Nov – The Picture House, Edinburgh
  • 13th Dec – Dreadnought Rock, Bathgate

States Of Panic are:
Johnny Gunn – Vocals
Rusty Gill – Lead guitar
Hex – Bass
Dagan – Rhythm guitar
Hammy – Drums