Review: Devilfire – Black Soul Vendetta September 4th 2020 Reviewer: Dan Mann Devilfire return with their new full length album, having already released their debut ‘Dark Manoeuvres‘ (2017) and ‘Out Of The Dark EP‘ (2018). When I first heard the band’s debut it grabbed me immediately, and after the excellent EP I’ was more than […]

Review: Bad Touch – Kiss The Sky Marshall Records (June 19th 2020) Reviewer: Dan Mann Brit rockers Bad Touch are back, their fourth album ‘Kiss The Sky’ will be released on June 19th via Marshall Records. Okay let me start by saying I was curious what the band would pull out of the bag in […]

Review: Vandenberg – 2020 Mascot Records (May 29th 2020) Reviewer: Dan Mann I, like many rock fans, was excited by the news Vandenberg would be releasing a new album in 2020. Speculation online was to whether it would sound just like classic Vandenberg, or whether there’d be some modern take on it all. What you […]

Review: Black Lightning – Blue Highways Independent Reviewer: Dan Mann Well I’ve finally got off my arse and put diget to keyboard to review Black Lightning‘s new album ‘Blue Highways‘. Frontman Mark Jackson and I go way back, back to those heady days of the Marquee when his other band Medicine Hat were starting to […]