Review: Stormburst – III

Review: Stormburst – III

Pride & Joy Music (May 19th, 2023)

Reviewer: David Mark Pearce

If I could have got away with it this review would have simply said ‘’The Scorpions do AOR …… badly!‘’

Musically there’s nothing wrong with this, its all extremely well played and the song structure is great, but I just cannot get on with the vocals or the lyrics. For me its just so damn cheesy and I’m not a fan of that kind of fast vibrato vocal style!

The first two songs ‘Get Up On Your Feet’ and ‘Peace Of Mind’ are really happy songs! What’s wrong with that? Well nothing if that’s your thing, but they don’t do anything for me! Musically it gets more interesting for me when the third song comes in called ‘When The Worlds Collide’ That’s a really cool song, even the lyrics and vocals are tolerable! The next one ‘Wild And Crazy’ however is what gives AOR a bad name sadly as the lyrics ruin it for me. I don’t mind rhyming couplets but heavens above do they have to be so bloody obvious?

‘Higher Power’ is next, now this is a cool song and the guitar solo is also really cool, very nicely done! The ballad is everything you would expect if you’ve made it this far with this review. Pass the Jacobs crackers, there’s plenty of cheese here! I’ll skip the next song ‘Rocking In The Radio‘ as the one after, ‘Make It Through The Night’, is great again, the guitar solo is really interesting to listen too.

The rest of the songs are pretty much what I’ve said above with one exception, ‘Self Destruction!’ The chorus here is a belter!! I think it’s pretty obvious that this album wasn’t for me. Is it bad? No if this is your thing and musically and production wise its excellent and I cannot fault it. Where it falls flat on its face for me is at times………a lot of times, the lyrics, which are way too obvious and downright cheesy! So for me the singer needs to address this but will he? Who knows and cares as why should he listen to me? I was asked to review it and clearly I was the wrong person!

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