Review: FM/Dare/Tyketto – Rock City, Nottingham May 13th 2023

Review: FM/Dare/Tyketto

Rock City, Nottingham (May 13th 2023)

Reviewer/Photographer: Dan Mann

The line-up of FM, Dare and Tyketto had all the makings of a Melodic Rock fest! With the running order changing throughout this tour, tonight’s with Tyketto headlining was spot on for me.

First out to bat were FM, a band I’ve been a fan of for over 30 years (gulp). With such an extensive back catalogue I think their choice of songs was spot on.

A polished performance with great sound, the band visibly enjoying the large crowd, who were singing along from the off! It again leaves me puzzled as to why they weren’t huge, why the Yanks didn’t grab them with both hands. Thank goodness they’re still performing so we here in Blighty can get to enjoy them again & again.

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Next up were Dare, a band who I have a mixed view of if I’m honest. I love their early albums, with their hard edged AOR feel, but the later Celtic widdly widdly stuff doesn’t really do it for me. What isn’t in question is the band’s live performances.

Again fuelled by the crowd singing along, Dare played songs from across their albums, and delivered an accomplished set, although one which the sound quality wasn’t on par with FM, being kind of woolly for some reason or another.

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And so to tonight’s headliners Tyketto. After seeing the band’s emotional set on Monsters Of Rock Cruise which was their last with drummer Michael Clayton Arbeeny & guitarist Chris Green I was looking forward to seeing them with newbies Harry Scott Elliot replacing Chris and the fantastic Johnny Dee replacing Michael, with Chris Childs retuning on bass duties (Greg Smith played on MORC) .

There wasn’t exactly going to be any doubt as to whether this was going to work, the only difference sound wise was the guitar. As per the previous two bands, there was a visible joy at the crowd’s reaction, the band feeding off the waves of positive energy, the singalongs loud and strong. A wonderful evening of live music shared with friends and fellow fans alike.

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