US Melodic Metal Act Hämärä Presents The Video For ‘Under the Sun’

Hämärä is proud to present their stunning video for the song ‘Under the Sun‘, taken from their album ‘Ivory Tower‘, due for re-release via Wormholedeath worldwide.

Under the Sun‘ is an impressive display of Hämärä‘s musical talents, blending heavy riffs, melodic vocals, and symphonic elements to create a powerful and emotional track.

Hämärä was formed in Castle Rock, Colorado U.S. in 2006 by Aaron Schug (Rhythm/Lead Guitar/Vocals), Joshua Ruff (Bass/Lead Vocals), Luke Ruff (Drummer), Tony Molieri (Syths/Keyboard) and Kent Johnson (Rhythm/Lead Guitar). These musicians were deeply rooted in Scandinavian melodic metal and American metal.


  1. Across the Hills of Emyn Muil
  2. Holy War
  3. Hardly Awake
  4. Isolation
  5. Under the Sun
  6. Retribution
  7. Withering Away
  8. The Fallen
  9. Ivory Tower


Josh Ruff on lead vocals, bass, and programming

Aaron Schug on vocals and guitar

Tony Molieri on keys and orchestral arrangements

Alexander Bosson (hired for the album) on drums