Saint Deamon Release New Album ‘League Of The Serpent’ On 21st April Via AFM Records

The Swedish/Norwegian melodic power metal band Saint Deamon returns with their new long player ‘League Of The Serpent‘ about three and a half years after their quasi “comeback” album ‘Ghost‘. It’s well known that Saint Deamon stand for high-quality sound with an individual touch (which is often hard to find in the power metal genre). ‘League Of The Serpent‘ clearly shows the great quality of vocal wonder Jan-Thore Grefstad, guitarist Toya Johansson, bass player Nobby Noberg (ex-Dionysus) and new drummer Alfred Fridhagen (Gaia Epicus).

Tracks like the upbeat first single ‘At Break Of Dawn‘, the extremely catchy ‘Load Your Cannons‘ or the ear-pleasing melodic rocker ‘The Final Fight‘ are typical Saint Deamon compositions, in addition the band skillfully incorporates progressive nuances and makes ‘League Of The Serpent‘ an album that will be one of the genre highlights in 2023.

“The songs have all their characteristic Saint Deamon trademarks as on our previous records“, guitarist Toya Johansson states. “New for this record is that we’ve taken the rhythmic dimensions a step further than before. We didn’t aim for a drastic change when it comes to this but wanted to develop our polyrhythmic thinking, which I hope can be heard on some of the songs.“

“There was a fresh joint feeling of “urge of renewal“, bass player Nobby adds. “Not to break with the past just because of change, but trying to refine the essence of what we are and have come to be, and tweek the hell out of it.“

Vocalist Jan Thore points out: “This album has been written in many ways similar to how we made our debut ‘In Shadows Lost From the Brave‘ back then. The songs are all new and fresh, no older song ideas have been used. The album consists of everything you can expect from Saint Deamon. Heavy, fast-paced, slow, powerful and melodic – it’s all here. I really feel that what you hear on ‘League Of The Serpent‘ is the best version of Saint Deamon“.

Just like its predecessor ‘Ghost‘ (released in September 2019), ‘League Of The Serpent‘ was mixed by Oscar Nilsson in the Crehate Studios (Scorpions, Crash Diet, In Flames). This time mastering was handled by Tomas‚ Plec‘ Johansson (The Night Flight Orchestra, Nocturnal Rites).


Jan Thore Grefstad (Vocals)

Toya Johansson (Gitarre)

Nobby Noberg (Bass)

Alfred Fridhagen (Drums)



01 – At Break of Dawn | CD1

02 – League of the Serpent

03 – The Final Fight

04 – Lord of the Night

05 – A Lie to Be Undone

06 – Raise Hell

07 – Lost in Your Sin

08 – Gates of Paradise

09 – Load Your Cannons

10 – Heaven to Heart

11 – They Call Us Deamons

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