Female Fronted Setanera Unleash New Album ‘Equilibrium’, Out Today

After several anticipations in the past few months and a new single released a couple of weeks ago that’s heavily rotating in the metal radios all around Europe, the Italian female-fronted metal band Setanera released today, February 17th, the new album ‘Equilibrium‘. The album is available through Italian record label Volcano Records & Promotion on all digital platforms, streaming providers and digital stores. ‘Equilibrium‘ shows a big maturation for Setanera that reveals a band fully aware and in total control of its sound and personality.

This is how Setanera present the album:
The context in which we live brings out emotions that we are often afraid to feel and that, at the same time, we have difficulty perceiving. We don’t know how to name them and we don’t know how to manage them. With the album ‘Equilibrium‘ we want to give voice to these emotions expressing the need for decision-making, both mental and physical freedom, seeking the inner strength that we are often unaware of but that helps us. With the story of personal and always true events, ‘Equilibrium‘ expresses the love for nature and hope for the future.

Listen to ‘Equilibrium‘ through this link https://rebrand.ly/setaneraequilibrium

1. Dei delle Ere
2. Stone
3. The Promise
4. Viper
5. Game
6. Losing control
7. Follow me
8. Try
9. Like a zombie
10. Faraway
11. Equilibrium