The HU Embrace Mongolian Heritage In Debut Of New Version Of ‘This Is Mongol (Warrior Souls)’ Feat. William Duvall (Alice In Chains)

The HU—Mongolian rock sensation and UNESCO “Artist For Peace” ambassadors—have today (February 10) shared a new version of their 2022 ground-breaking single ‘This Is Mongol‘. With featured guest vocalist/guitarist William DuVall of Alice In Chains now appearing on the updated track, ‘This Is Mongol (Warrior Souls)‘ further highlights the song’s original message of promoting Mongolian culture and empowering environmental awareness by adding English-translated lyrics, sung by DuVall – who also produced and mixed the single -, and an unforgettable chanting chorus: “Hey, We are warrior souls, rolling like a river of fire / We are warrior souls, running down the dragon to slay / This is our way (This is our way).”  These themes are seen throughout the ‘This Is Mongol (Warrior Souls)‘ music video which also premiered today. The video was co-directed by Michael Lombardi, co-producer and lead actor of The Retaliators–the 2022 horror-thriller in which members of The HU appeared and whose soundtrack included music from the band’s discography—and includes an exclusive sneak peek of the film which is out now on Blu-Ray via Better Noise Films.

We are so excited to be performing our single, ‘This is Mongol (Warrior Souls)’, with William DuVall,” exclaims The HU’s tovshuur player and backing vocalist Temka. “He’s not only an amazing vocalist but also has unique rhythm and technique to his performance, and his style matches our energy and our throat singing. The song is about the warrior souls that are within us, and its purpose is to inspire you and awaken your soul. We hope everyone enjoys this piece of art.

“It was such an exciting and fulfilling challenge to write and produce something that remained true to The Hu’s sensibilities while also resonating with my own,” shares William DuVall. “Warrior Souls’ is a testament to the fact that, no matter where we come from, in the end, we all want the same things-to prosper in our own time despite the odds arrayed against us, making previous generations proud and leaving a worthy legacy for the future. I’m honored by this collaboration and very proud of the result.

Lombardi shared details on working with The HU and the video’s inspiration, stating:

I had the immense pleasure of working with The HU in the feature film ‘The Retaliators.’ Their contributions ranged from acting, songs appearing in the film and also on ‘The Retaliators’ soundtrack. On their track, ‘This is Mongol‘, their lyrics encompass a proud declaration of possessing a warrior spirit. The HU believe we all have the warrior spirit within us. Through inspiring with their hearts and courage, they awaken that warrior spirit in all of us.  I have witnessed that the messages in their music are a total reflection of how they live and how they tackle their artistic process. The Hu approach their craft with professionalism, courage–and with infectious energy.

Meanwhile, having sold-out tours across the globe and appearances at some of the top-rated music festivals including Coachella, Lollapalooza and Download Festival—just to name a few—The HU will be performing their first-ever virtual concert in the metaverse on March 3 in partnership with ARD Financial Group (ARD). Tickets will go on-sale February 13 at this link: Throughout the show, fans will experience a virtual world created by METAFORSE that highlights the The HU ’s home country of Mongolia and its traditions and cultural importance of which the band have shared throughout their music by utilizing traditional instrumentation, throat singing and singing entirely in the Mongolian language with their self-appointed brand of “hunnu rock.”

To date, The HU have accumulated over 329 million combined streams and 290 million video views. The group have captured a diverse fanbase by landing their music on movie soundtracks (The Retaliators), creating original music for EA Games’ Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, being handpicked by Metallica to cover their hit single ‘Through The Never‘ on the 2021 Metallica Blacklist album alongside covers from high-profile artists including Miley Cyrus, Chris Stapleton, Phoebe Bridgers and more and being the first-ever rock/metal band to receive the prestigious UNESCO “Artist of Peace” Designation.

Catch The HU at one of their below festival dates and stay tuned for upcoming shows and new music over the coming weeks.

The HU Tour Dates

6/7 Novarock – Austria 2023

6/15 Hellfest – France 2023

6/16 Pinkpop – Netherlands 2023

6/29 Rock Werchter – Belgium 2023

7/5 Musilack – France 2023

7/6 Mad Cool Festival – Spain 2023

7/13 Masters of Rock – Czech Republic 2023

7/19 EC9 – Romania 2023

About The HU

In 2019, an NPR story put a spotlight on “a band from Mongolia that blends the screaming guitars of heavy metal and traditional Mongolian guttural singing,” accurately highlighting the cultural importance and unique musical identity of The HU. Founded in 2016 in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, THE HU, Gala, Jaya, Temka, and Enkush, are a modern rock group rooted in the tradition of their homeland. The band’s two most popular videos, ‘Yuve Yuve’ and ‘Wolf Totem’, were produced by the band’s producer Dashka. The band’s name translates to the Mongolian root word for human being, and their unique approach blends instruments like the Morin Khuur (horsehead fiddle), Tovshuur (Mongolian guitar), Tumur Khuur (jaw harp) and throat singing with contemporary sounds, creating a unique sonic profile that they call “Hunnu Rock”.

Their debut album, 2019 ‘s ‘The Gereg‘, debuted at #1 on the World Album and Top New Artist Charts. With it, the band have accumulated over 250 million combined streams and video views to date and have received critical acclaim from the likes of Billboard, NPR, GQ, The Guardian, The Independent, Revolver, and even Sir Elton John himself.

Proving their global appeal, The HU have sold out venues across the world in North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia, with scheduled festival appearances at Coachella, Lollapalooza, Download Festival, and more, creating a community of fans from all walks of life. They quickly grabbed the attention of the industry, leading to collaborations with Jacoby Shaddix of Papa Roach and Lzzy Hale of Halestorm. And most recently, the band received praise from fans and critics for their Mongolian rendition of Metallica’s ‘Sad But True’, which Metallica picked up on and invited them to record ‘Through The Never’ for their Metallica Blacklist album released in 2021 alongside other high-profile guest artists like Miley Cyrus, Chris Stapleton, Phoebe Bridgers, J Balvin, St. Vincent, and so many more. The band has also explored eclectic ways to reach audiences with their sound, most notably writing and recording music for EA Games’ Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order.

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