Spanish Power Metal band Norwald Releases ‘The Island Of Airlevan’ Single & Video

The Island of Airlevan‘ is the first single of Norwald‘s upcoming EP ‘The Spark of Freedom‘. It tells the context of the legendary tale: Rak tournaments will determine who will rule over the island where the contest takes place. The song mixes two very different styles: power metal riffs and melodic vocal lines to create a happy atmosphere and a more extreme (death/black metal) style to show the chaos that contradicts these first parts. The song uses these more extreme styles and harmonic minor scales when it talks about the tyrant, whereas it uses the happier power metal style to talk about the general appearance of the island.

Airlevan is well-known for the happiness that surrounds the place, but it contains a dark side: a secret tyranny is getting set, held by the current and undefeated leader, who will use the powers of darkness of his rak to alienate the minds of the inhabitants of the island.

This song, as well as the rest of the album, marks a before and after on the band. This EP will open the gates towards a more complex way of storytelling” says Patri Grief, Norwald‘s axe wielder.


Norwald is a symphonic power metal band based in Spain, that plunges the listener in the vast homonym fantasy world, “Norwald”. Formed in 2018, Norwald started recording their first album, ‘Madness and Heroes‘.

Working with Déhà AMSG (Opus Magnum Studio, Belgium) and Hk Krauss (Vamacara Studio, France), the band finished their second album ‘The Spark of Freedom‘ to be released on January 27th under SODEH Records. Mixing in elements from power, symphonic, epic, black and death metal this second concept album conveys a tale of an island tyrant in power and battles of good and evil, heroes and foes. ‘The Spark of Freedom‘ will also be released as a 200+ page paperback novel as well. ‘The Spark of Freedom‘ European tour is scheduled for 2023 with the Dioses del Metal Fest already confirmed.

The band’s relentless shows and loyal fanbase has led them to endorsements  and/or collaborations with brands such as Bodegas Valhalla, El Taller de Yzcoa, Cables Uro and Púas Jimy.


Vocals: Nia Creak, Alejandro Leónidas

Guitar: Patri Grief, Alejandro Leónidas

Drums: David “the Breaker”

Keys: Frehul

Bass: Jeffrey “the Destroyer”