Former/Current Members Of Chicago, Whitesnake, Billy Joel, Trans-Siberian Orchestra Featured in New Single

Studio D’lux is a unique musical venture fuelled by singer, songwriter and instrumentalist Doug Kistner, who writes and produces all the songs released by the group. Following the release of their debut single, ‘Ain’t Good Enough‘, which racked up nearly 70K Spotify streams, Studio D’lux has launched their latest single, ‘Light Still Shines‘. The new single features a roster of globally renowned former or current members of the bands Chicago, Whitesnake, TSO, Billy Joel, and more. The project aims to produce a modern blend of classic rock and yacht rock, but with added nuances and modern twists that make the music unique and fresh.

Packing a real punch, the song features former Chicago lead singer, keyboard player and Grammy Award winner, Bill Champlin; legendary Billy Joel drummer Liberty Devitto; and coveted Whitesnake and Tran-Siberian Orchestra guitarist Joel Hoekstra; alongside Kistner, who has performed with TSO, John Waite and more.

A self-titled EP release will follow on December 2nd, 2022, also features Elliot Randall (Steely Dan), Jon Herington (Steely Dan), and Glen Burtnik (Styx).