Review: Smith/Kotzen – Better Days…And Nights

Review: Smith/Kotzen – Better Days…And Nights

BMG (Sept 16th, 2022)

Reviewer: David Mark Pearce

Previously released on their, now sadly sold out, vinyl ep ‘Better Days‘, Smith/Kotzen have now released this as a ‘hybrid’ album, if you will. A release I am truly thankful for as I sadly missed out on the vinyl ep.

I don’t think there’s a better blues/hard rock pairing out there at the moment than messers Smith and Kotzen. They both have so much to offer here, just as they did on their debut album. Great bluesy, moody rock songs with flash moments thought out. Adrian Smith the more down to earth of the two guitarists, I suppose and Richie Kotzen the more Incendiary, but that being said they both crossover in to each other’s territories, and for me this is what makes them work so well together.

I’m not one for describing the ins and outs of each song as I don’t want to lead anyone down anyone else’s path. Instead I prefer the listener to find their own way and I truly believe that when you listen to the music on offer here, not only from the studio tracks but from the excellent addition of the live performances, that you, the listener will be tapping your feet down your own musical listening path. I think this is music of the highest calibre and with that being said I’m going to give this yet another spin. Go get your copy and do the same, nice and LOUD please!!!!