Review: SiX By SiX – SiX By SiX

Review: SiX BY SiX – SiX BY SiX

Inside Out Music (August 19th, 2022)

Reviewer: Chris O’Connor

Now here is an intriguing new band, made up of three of the finest musicians that you can think of: guitarist Ian Crichton (Saga), bass guitarist/keyboardist/vocalist Robert Berry (3, Alliance, Hush), and drummer Nigel Glockler (Toyah, Saxon, GTR). Given that pedigree, you would quite rightly expect this project to be absolutely stellar – and of course it is!

As easy as it might be to imagine that their sound is just a fusion of their ‘day job’ bands, you can take it from me that it most definitely isn’t that – being something entirely new and fresh instead. There are elements of Pomp Rock, Symphonic Rock, Progressive Rock, and Melodic Rock, all seamlessly gelled into one gloriously powerful sound.

I’m trying to put into words what the band reminds me of – the debut album by World Trade springs to mind, Yes at their most cutting edge, Rush at their most commercial, and even classic Dream Theater. It is an album that is majestic and sprawling, but without being overly fussy or a musical ‘ego-fest’, and is genuinely beautifully and lovingly created … colour me dazzled, it is a dazzling jewel for anyone who appreciates real music.

I am a colossal fan of Ian Crichton, for my money he is one of the greatest living guitarists, and here he stretches himself in ways I’ve not heard before, I think this band allows him to explore himself musically – and he shines throughout. Robert Berry’s impassioned vocals are (of course) wonderful, while his bass work is fluid, and his keyboards add wonderful depth and colour to proceedings.

Nigel Glockler is nothing short of a revelation here – I had honestly forgotten just how remarkably talented the man is. His playing is muscular yet also dextrous and subtle when called for, and as a result, he drives the band with elegant and accomplished ease. As a unit, these three musicians have gelled flawlessly, and the album flies by, leaving you immediately hitting ‘replay’ as soon as the reaches its conclusion.

From the moment ‘Yearning To Fly’ kicks in, it is instantly apparent that you are experiencing something very special indeed. The music is wonderfully melodic, very ‘organic’, and there is wonderful separation between the instruments, which makes for a wonderful and rich sounding album. There are several ‘wow!’ moments found throughout, perhaps the most astonishing is the epic ‘Reason To Feel Calm’ – a song where the trio simply stretch themselves, and create something truly jaw-dropping.

Save The Night‘ is another truly wonderful number – it almost evokes latter day Rush, which is always a wonderful thing. This album is a masterclass in how Rock can be done brilliantly and with both style and flair. I doubt you will hear better this year, so do yourselves a huge favour and just buy it! Please Sirs, I want some more!