POWERWOLF Team Up With Iron Maiden: Legacy Of The Beast

Ahead of the two bands sharing the stage for two shows in Germany this July, the most successful German metal band to date, POWERWOLF, will be the second in-game collaboration of 2022 for Iron Maiden’s Legacy of the Beast free-to-play mobile game.

Following successful collaborations last year with Amon AmarthLacuna CoilGhost and most recently with DisturbedIron Maiden‘s Legacy of the Beast team created a new character and storyline borrowing from POWERWOLF’s latest album, ‘Call of the Wild‘. The new limited-time, in-game event called ‘Macht Der Wölfe‘ (German for Power of the Wolf), features a limited-time character, Vârcolac.

Meet Vârcolac and play the game: here

In this new storyline, Vârcolac and Van Helsing Eddie cross paths in the catacombs of Dracula’s Dungeon. Vârcolac has just escaped Professor Parabiosis, an evil doctor wanting to conduct experiments on him because of his extraordinary powers. He asks Van Helsing Eddie to join him in defeating the evil doctor. Van Helsing Eddie soon realises that Vârcolac is fighting his own internal struggle between good and evil and they soon realise the professor has a more sinister plan in mind than just a mere dissection.

When it came to seeing Vârcolac in Eddie’s world for the first time, POWERWOLF lead singer Attila Dorn says:
We were breathless and stunned when we saw the first iteration of the game featuring our Vârcolac, and most of all we couldn’t wait to play it ourselves!” Attila continues, “When I was a young kid listening to my Iron Maiden tapes all day, I would have never dreamed of playing the same stage one day, being invited to support Iron Maiden with my band. Is there anything more a metalhead could dream of?

Lead guitarist for POWERWOLFMatthew Greywolf says:
Iron Maiden‘s songs and melodies are immortal. The neat combination of melody and heaviness is still as revolutionary as it was when first heard Maiden at 11 years old, I was truly fascinated by it, and I still am!

Keyboardist Falk Maria Schlegel continues:
I would say Bruce Dickinson is my major MAJOR influence in all that I’m doing on stage, with my whole performance… still a great inspiration, so thank you Bruce!

Navigator Games CEO, Will Moore says: “The fans and players have been absolutely thrilled to see their favourite bands partner with Iron MaidenLegacy of the Beast. Over the past year our players have kept hinting at POWERWOLF. We hope they’re pleased to see POWERWOLF‘s iconic mascot bought to life on this epic adventure!

At the end of 2021, POWERWOLF – the most successful German metal band to date – fascinated with a streaming event of unprecedented dimensions. Those who thought they had seen everything in the live sector were instantly proven wrong with unmatched audio production and visuals that can only be described as simply breathtaking. This summer, on 8th July 2022, this new benchmark for music streaming events will finally be available to view any time you crave. The Monumental Mass – A Cinematic Metal Event will be unleashed on DVD, BluRay and many other physical formats!

Watch the video to ‘Fire & Forgive‘, taken from the event: here

Pre-order: here

POWERWOLF have stood at the peak of superlative, epic metal moments for years, but what they present with this streaming event surpasses anything seen before. After months of detailed work, a story was crafted and presented in several chapters based on the stunning music and elaborately staged cinematic scenes. All show effects, actors and stage settings work hand in hand with each other and bring the medium of live music to a level never seen before. From battles with clergy to stories of nuns, monks and burning angels, cinematic images immediately capture the viewer.

The Monumental Mass – A Cinematic Metal Event is a live spectacle that unveils new details watch after watch, and cements POWERWOLF‘s status as the most outstanding band in their genre.


Chapter I – Temptation
1             Prologue / Monumental Mass Theme
2             Faster Than the Flame
3             Venom Of Venus
4             Stossgebet
5             Demons Are A Girl‘s Best Friend

Chapter II – Sin
6             Dancing with the Dead
7             Cardinal Sin
8             Resurrection By Erection
9             We Drink Your Blood
10           Glaubenskraft

Chapter III – Confession
11           Fire & Forgive
12           Beast of Gévaudan
13           Incense & Iron
14           Where The Wild Wolves Have Gone

Chapter IV – Forgiveness
15           Amen & Attack
16           Army of the Night
17           Blood for Blood (Faoladh)
18           Armata Strigoi
19           Epilogue / Monumental Mass Theme


The story of POWERWOLF, beginning in 2004, reads like a true fairytale, but is the result of the most hard-working and entertaining live band on the heavy metal planet. POWERWOLF has not only received plenty of Gold and Platinum awards to date, but numerous releases have entered the official German album charts at the top position of #1. ‘With Blessed & Possessed‘ (2015), POWERWOLF achieved Gold status (in the Czech Republic) for the first time, while its predecessor, ‘Preachers Of The Night‘ (2013), hit the official German album charts at #1, and the incredible DVD, ‘The Metal Mass‘ (2016), came in at #1 of the German DVD-Charts. POWERWOLF‘s holy mass in the name of heavy metal is unstoppable – their latest magnum opus, ‘The Sacrament of Sin’ (2018), again entered the album charts at #1. The accompanying, almost completely sold out Wolfsnächte headline tour – in which POWERWOLF headlined large venues with their phenomenal stage performances – became a single major triumph, as well as the numerous summer festival shows in which crowds were thrilled and completely captivated by the Wolves and their unique, (un)holy metal mass.

Attila Dorn – vocals
Falk Maria Schlegel – organ
Charles Greywolf – guitar
Matthew Greywolf – guitar
Roel van Helden – drums

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