Brazilian Rockers Klinsh Release Video For ‘Siga Em Frente’

After the release of their long-awaited second EP, the Hard Rock/Classic Rock quintet from Rio de Janeiro KLINSH, formed by Lito Ferreira (vocals), Lucas Coelho and Everton Freitas (guitars), Rodrigo Paixao (bass) and Jorge Braz (drums), has recently released the music video for the title track of their new release, the six-track EP entitled ‘Siga Em Frente‘ (in English ‘Go Ahead‘), already available on all digital platforms since the end of March and which pays tribute to – and praises – all women of the XXI century.

The track theme ‘Siga Em Frente‘ was inspired by a friend of the singer Lito Ferreira who was suffocating in pessimistic thoughts and negative questions about her appearance after the breakup of a relationship, that is, another great woman who needed only affection and good advice to try to move forward always with a positive perspective of life. Who says Rock ‘N’ Roll can’t make you move on?

About the title track, Lito Ferreira (vocal) comments that “it was a song I wrote inspired by a friend who had just separated from a relationship and that at the time her inner questionings were constantly affecting her. This dear friend even came to me for advice, even having pessimistic thoughts about her appearance, and I always tried to help her as best as I could so that these negative ideas would cease. In one of these conversations, the phrase ‘she came bringing roses but didn’t remove the thorns’ came to me instantly, and the most interesting thing is that the melody of the song came to me precisely from a joke I used to play when I played the guitar for my daughter, who was still a baby at the time. One fine day, with the phrase in mind, the lyrics of ‘Siga Em Frente‘ came to me in full upon this melody bringing a message for this friend to always try to go forward, without negative thoughts, regardless of people or situation, always with a positive outlook on life, because everything goes by. Walk, grow, progress more and more, always move forward!

Lucas Coelho (guitar) comments that “the magic and the energy to create this track flowed naturally during our rehearsals, without eccentricities, we just put our influences over the mystical part of Lito’s lyrics according to our feelings about it. We have in this track the guitars doing different parts, with two separate arrangements reminding a lot of that classic rock sound of the 80s, where one guitar would do the base and the other would bring different details to add up to the final melody.”

On the instrumental and compositional parts, musicians Everton Freitas (guitar) and Rodrigo Paixao (bass), respectively, also comment that “it was a song thought in a crescendo, because we wanted to start slower and grow with its progress. Two guitars arranging in different ways, but complementing each other. I think we succeeded!” and “this specific track represents a new beginning! In the bass part, I thought of doing something well marked, like a drum bulb for most of the song. On the solo part, I followed the guitar base with the ‘feeling’ that the melody asked for.

Lucas Coelho (guitar) concludes by saying that “in 2021/2022 we are already living a collective and worldwide ‘Siga Em Frente‘, leaving this time of pandemic to return to normality, the track theme marries with several moments, in the micro (band) and the macro (world). Oh, and with a great Frejat and Barao Vermelho influence blunted by Lito (laughs)“.

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Strongly influenced by the traditional sounds of Rock, Classic Rock and Hard Rock from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s, this new EP has six tracks that honor and praise all women of the XXI century through positive messages and filled with energy as the good old Brazilian Rock has always had for excellence. Two singles taken from this release were previously released and achieved great acceptance by fans, press and high airplay rotation on the radio/web radio stations dedicated to Rock in the world: ‘Será Que Ela Vai Voltar?‘ (2021), a song that approaches the eternity of love under a romantic point of view of life after death – with lyrics extracted from the book “Violetas na Janela” by Zíbia Gasparetto – and ‘Danica‘ (2022), inspired by the American stock car racer, Danica Sue Patrick, whose lyrics are an ode to the beauty and competence of women in everything they do, including breaking all the paradigms of this predominantly male sport.

Siga Em Frente‘ was recorded and mixed at Vernin Studio, in Jacarepagua/Rio de Janeiro, mastered by Visso Lana (Lero Studio), with phonographic production by Andrea Dorea, Cris Rizo and Jaqueline San Galo, artistic production by Cris Rizo, cover photography by Fernanda Micky and designer by Wallace Rotti.


Lito Ferreira – Vocals
Lucas Coelho – Guitars
Everton Freitas – Guitars
Rodrigo Paixao – Bass
Jorge Braz – Drums

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