Swedish Heavy Metal Supports the Victims Of War In These Times!

According to all things that is happening now in the world and especially for us who live in Europe, our dear Heavy Metal and Hardrock friends & fans in the Ukraine and people who live in this war situation, we want to share our love and support with the song ‘Tears for Freedom‘!​

Christian Liljegren, vocalist and founder of Narnia & Flames of Fire, has released albums in the Ukraine since the start of Narnia in the late 1990’s and since then has had good contact with Ukraine metal fans for many years. Christian has daily contact with fans even through this very hard situation is going through and the aim for song is to bring hope for a better day and support for a charity organization to help all these refugees right now.

When the singer saw the situation at the border on TV where families were split-up and never were to see each other again, touched  Christian’s heart, and the lyrics for ‘Tears Of Freedom‘ were written. Mats-Åke, guitarist and co-founder of Flames Of Fire, had a great composition and Christian’s younger brother Hubertus Liljegren helped out with the recordings, producing and arrangements for the basic tracks. The vocals were recorded at legendary Swedish Heavy metal band Torch’s studio as Christian is friends with Christer First, lead guitarist in Torch who also runs a great music music store. Hocky Nyström of Torch recorded the vocals. We are very thankful in Flames Of Fire for this help!

A video has also been recorded for this song with great help from guitarist Anders Olsson from Swedish heavy metal band Neptune, so this really shows how the music can impact all over the world and you can’t stop rock´n´roll and message in this time. Anders has also designed the artwork for the single.

Christian Liljegren and Mats-Åke Andersson are the producers of ‘Tears Of Freedom‘ and also working with Charity organization “Eskilstuna Gives “ in the town Eskilstuna where Christian lives and is a member. Christian and Mats-Åke comment: “The church has close connections for charity work in the Ukraine, so please support the Ukraine the way you can where you live. The people need your support. Pray for the Ukraine and God Bless you all and share this song ‘Tears of Freedom‘ as much as possible, We hope the war is ending soon!

Tears of Freedom

Music: Mats-Åke Andersson

Lyrics: Christian Liljegren

The World is going mad today

Through the darkness

Give us hope to live

A wounded Soldier walk away

Broken hearted

No Place to Stay

Cross the border

Follow the captain’s order

Leave the loved ones and say goodbye!

Families suffers in pain

Will they ever see them again?!

Tears of Freedom

Tears of Freedom

One hope, We will meet again

The world is going mad today

Give us shelter

Through the valley of death

Tears of Freedom

Tears of Freedom

One day, We will meet again

Hear my desperate Prayers

Hear my Silent Cry

Join hands Join together

We are the World, We are the light

The song was recorded in Jönköping & Eskilstuna, Sweden by Hubertus Liljegren & Hocky Nyström

Produced by Mats-Åke Andersson & Christian Liljegren

Music production and arrangements by Hubertus Liljegren

Special thanks to Eskilstuna Ger, Torch & Neptune

Christian Liljegren – Vocals

Mats-Åke Andersson – Acoustic guitars and bass Hubertus Liljegren – Keyboards & Drum loops

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