Blessdivine Communication From Ukraine

Ukraine Power Metallers Blessdivine have shared the following:

Hello, our dear fans and friends! We’re Blessdivine from Ukraine and we don’t make a lot of posting, you know. But today we feel like we need to get clear with some few important things that we want you to understand and remember:

1) We’re Ukrainian band. Born and raised. And proud of it.
2) We live and work in Ukraine
3) Ukraine is a sovereign country and NOT a part of Russian federation in any means. Never was and never will be!
4) There is no such thing as “civil war” or “inner conflict” at Donbas and Lugansk regions. Russian occupation troops just invaded these territories. Territories that belong to Ukraine.
5) 99% things that you read or hear from russia-oriented or Russian websites, news, magazines etc – is a LIE. Pure lie that fuels the hatred.
6) So-called President of Russian federation is a tyrant on the throne who doesn’t give a shit about morality and truth. And history.
7) Crimea is occupied by russian army since 2014.
8) We don’t and won’t tolerate any pro-Russian activities, both on our page and in real life. If you like Putin – GTFO!
9) Be smart – don’t trust Russian propaganda and don’t share fake news or statements.
10) Hail to Ukraine! Slava Ukraini!! We stand united

Artem and Max

Blessdivine is a new Ukrainian power-metal project created in early 2019 as a collaboration act between Max Molodtsov (Edenian, Sorrowful Land) and Artem Soleyko (Time Shadow). Their music evolved under the influence of the giants of the genre such as Kamelot, Edguy, HammerFall, Powerwolf etc.