Sneakout Records & Burning Minds Music Group Sign Reckless For Release Of ‘T.M.T.T.80’

Sneakout Records & Burning Minds Music Group are glad to announce the signing of Italian hair metallers, Reckless, for the release of their new album ‘T.M.T.T.80‘.

Reckless were born in Vicenza in 2005 with the aim of tributing the most famous glam/sleaze acts of the 80’s, playing covers of Cinderella, Mötley Crüe, W.A.S.P., Britny Fox and Poison. Thanks to a great stage presence, the help of two female dancers and some spectacular scenic effects, the band immediately gains popularity in the local circuit. A.T. Rooster, engaged in the double role of singer and bassist, is part of this first incarnation of the band. At this time, Reckless record a demo with some covers, and continue the live activity by sharing the stage with artists such as Steeve Jaimz (Tigertailz), Vains Of Jenna, BlackRain, L.A. Guns, Sister and FrenchKiss.

In 2010 guitarist Dany Rockett and drummer Mikki Mixx officially join the group. The first self-titled album, featuring 7 original songs, sees the light of the day in the same year. Despite several line-up changes, in May 2015 the new work ‘Too Glam To Die‘ is released, giving the band the opportunity to receive positive feedback from specialized press and fans.

In 2017 guitarist Alex Jawbone and bassist Jack Chevy are officially on board: this move allows A.T. Rooster to focus exclusively on the vocals. After several years spent playing on different stages and composing new songs, in 2021 Reckless has a stable and well-established line-up, a brand new record and a contract signed with Sneakout Records/Burning Minds Music Group.

More info about ‘T.M.T.T.80‘ official release date, final tracklist and cover artwork will be revealed in the forthcoming weeks.



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