Review: Doro – Triumph And Agony – Live

Review: Doro – Triumph And Agony – Live

Rare Diamonds (September 24th 2021)

Reviewer: Dan Mann

It’s kind of staggering that it’s been 35 years since ‘Triumph And Agony‘ was released. Let’s not also forget that in a space of 3-4 years Doro & Warlock released in total four absolute classic heavy metal albums!

To celebrate those 35 years Doro is releasing ‘Triumph And Agony – Live‘, recorded at one of the biggest rock festivals, Sweden Rock Festival. The running order of this live performance is different from that original album, not that it impacts in a negative way.

The album artwork is something special, with artist Geoffrey Gillespie, the man responsible for all the classic Doro/Warlock artwork, combining live shots with that instantly recognisable ‘Warlock‘.

Doro‘s delivery shows what a powerhouse she still is, her vocals showing no sign of weakness even after all these years of belting out the songs.

One thing Doro has always done over her career, is surround herself with a killer band. From the pounding engine room of Johnny Dee on drums and Nick Douglas on bass, to the guitar wizardry of Luca Princiotta, Bas Maas and original ‘Triumph And Agony’ guitarist Tommy Bolan.

What you get is as you’d imagine, a big sound delivering the eleven tracks with the power and atmosphere they deserve.

As a long time Doro/Warlock fan, it is wonderful to hear the songs sung and played with such a freshness to them. It’s like those 35 years have gone in the blink of an eye. It’s obvious from hearing the crowds reaction and responses that their love for Doro and the songs hasn’t diminished either.

If your already a fan then I’m guessing ‘Triumph And Agony – Live‘ will already be on pre-order. Be it the CD, good old vinyl, Blu-ray, cassette!! and as a rather impressive boxset.

This album is exactly what a live album should be and celebrates those 35 years in style!