Review: Sorceress Of Sin – Constantine

Review: Sorceress Of Sin – Constantine

August 6th 2021

Reviewer: David Pearce

Sorceress of Sin are unusual in metal circles in that they have a female lead singer in the magnificent Lisa Skinner. This gives them a sound that is unlike most of their fellow rock groups and ensures that they stand out. Along with Lisa Skinner, the group consists of Constantine Kanakis on guitar, Tom McLean on bass and Paul Skinner on drums. ‘Constantine‘ is their second album.

The first track ‘Necropolis‘ is a slow building battle song that has a prog style sound. Skinner’s vocals are restrained in the verses, but they drip with power. The frantic guitar solo from Constantine Kanakis sends the song into full on metal territory with Skinner showing a huge vocal range and a very impressive scream!

Massacre of Meridian‘ gives the chance for Sorceress of Sin to move into Iron Maiden territory which they do very well. Paul Skinner on drums and Tom McLean provide the impetus for this song as they show their talent at building the launchpad for the song. ‘Realms of Elysium‘ is another metal workout with a fantastical subject matter and some great rock harmonies. I absolutely loved this track and would definitely love to hear this live. Skinner’s voice really demonstrates a depth and power that any rock singer would envy.

Pathogenic Parasite‘ is a song that sounds like a 70s punk song turned up to 11, with a vibe that suggests that Siouxsie had decided on a whim to front Iron Maiden! ‘Until the Dawn‘ is an epic song, nearly nine minutes long, that doesn’t drag or lose the listener in complex key and song changes. First of all, Skinner seems to be channelling Margaret Thatcher’s speech pattern in the introduction which is not a sentence I ever thought I’d use in a review! It’s orchestral in its setting, similar to ‘Innuendo’ by Queen in some ways, and the band are playing at the top of their form here.

Dimension IV‘ at first sounds like the almost obligatory ballad that any self-respecting rock group needs to have, but it is in fact a prog rock masterpiece with a beautiful vocal performance from Skinner who shows that she is just as good in a restrained way as she is when she lets rip. ‘Erratica‘ is a fun song that sounds like a lascivious Rocky Horror style in-flight announcement! It made me laugh when I was listening but never seemed to tip over into wanton silliness.

Penultimate track ‘Adira‘ once again sees Skinner let rip with her impressive melodic screaming as the track thumps out from the speakers with a hint of Thunder in the Mountains by 80s New Wave icon Toyah. It’s a cracking track from beginning to end.

The album finishes with title track ‘Constantine‘. It clocks in at nearly 12 minutes long and it’s a very impressive end to what is a great album. Once again, it is orchestral, almost classical, at the start and centre stage for most of those 12 minutes as she has been for the rest of the album is the brilliant Lisa Skinner. She has a voice that anyone would kill for and a confidence that courses through each track, never more so than in the final song.

Sorceress of Sin are a really fine rock group with a strong set of songs. If you get a chance to see them live you really ought to take it.