HRH AOR 9 Hits Manchester By Storm With Steelheart, Gotthard, H.E.A.T Plus More On It’s 9th Melodic Crusade

The dates of this new super HRH AOR 9 line-up will be 18th-19th June 2022, at O2 Ritz in Manchester. Honing in on the authenticity of the AOR brand, this venue will be hosting an incredibly strong and bold line-up of music with HRH AOR coming back in total style!

HRH is back officially in the full calendar at full capacity after an 18-month blip. This is going to be a sensational event turned all the way up to 11!

Earlybird full weekend tickets are priced at only £35 per person, £55 Royalty if you want the seated balcony, private bar etc and both with no booking fees…

But this only applies for 5 days and finishes at midnight this Sunday 8th August where they virtually double, if there is anything left, as the whole event is already 68% booked with Veterans pre-sales.

If you’re not from the area, hotel packages start from £130 per person for 2 nights hotel, BB basis including weekend passes….not loads left so best to take advantage of this sooner rather than later!”

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Line-up 2022:

Steelheart released their self-titled debut album in 1990. It sold 33,000 albums on its first day in Japan alone, and quickly hit platinum status. The ballad ‘She’s Gone‘ which showcased Matijevic’s incredible vocal range hit #1 on the International Charts, staying there for 17 weeks. The second single ‘I’ll Never Let You Go (Angel Eyes)‘ reached #14 on the billboard charts, and was MTV’s 2nd most requested video. The album reached #40 on the billboard charts, making it (albeit just so) officially a ‘hit’. ‘Everybody Loves Eileen‘ and its accompanying video also garnered much success. The song ‘Can’t Stop Me Lovin’ You‘ further showcased Matijevic’s vocal range, but this time, lead guitarist Risola’s guitar skills were also noticed. The accompanying video was another of the band’s hits.

Swiss hard rock band founded in Lugano by Steve Lee and Leo Leoni. Their last eleven albums have all reached number 1 in the Swiss album charts, making them one of the most successful Swiss acts ever. With two million albums sold, they managed to get multi-platinum awards in different parts of the world.

H.E.A.T is a Swedish hard rock group that was formed in Upplands Vasby in 2007 when the prior band’s Dream (Jona Tee, Dave Dalone, Kenny Leckremo) and Trading Fate (Don Crash, Jimmy Jay, Eric Rivers) merged. Currently fronted by Kenny Leckremo, the band’s heavy sound is strongly influenced by past melodic rock groups such as Whitesnake with H.E.A.T having supported musical acts such as Scorpions.

Whether in Germany, Europe, or in the States, Bonfire are and will remain, rock giants. Without their influence on the melodic rock scene, an important chapter in international rock music history would have remained unwritten. Whatever the future brings, one thing is clear – the tours are running, the gigs are booked and the guitars are red hot – the Bonfire is still burning!

Chez Kane
Molly Karloff
Matt Long And The Revenant Ones
Fonzy And Company
Takeaway Thieves
The Hot One Two
Austin Gold
Girish And The Chronicles

O2 Ritz Manchester is one of the most iconic music venues in Manchester and opened in 1928. Originally it was a classical dance hall that later evolved into a live music venue in the 1960s. One of the most famous peculiarities is its revolving stage installed even before the refurbishment in 2011. Among the best-known celebrities that conquered the stage of O2 Ritz were The Beatles, Snow Patrol, The Stone Roses and R.E.M.

The HRH Crew are ecstatic to welcome you to our new city location for HRH AOR 9 2022 – hosted at this historic, iconic, and theatrical venue, treading the floorboards of the music masterminds that rocked the venue before!

2K Capacity. 16 Bands. 2 Days. 1 Room.
Hell Yeah!