The heirs of 80s Hard Rock introduce the virtual world ‘H.E.A.T City’ with the elaborate and explosive new music video, premiering today, Friday, 6pm GMT. H.E.A.T’s new album ‘Force Majeure’ will hit the streets on August 5th, 2022. Fans of H.E.A.T are in for an adventure! With the release of their new single ‘Back To The Rhythm’ the band opens the gates to an electrifying new world, which visually lays the foundation for the upcoming release. With the new music video, H.E.A.T not only prove their love for fun and […]

earMUSIC is delighted to announce the release of H.E.A.T’s new studio album ‘Force Majeure‘ on August 5th, 2022. For most people, the last two years have probably been marked by exactly what has given H.E.A.T’s album its name – a “force majeure“. But H.E.A.T definitely don’t let such force stop them, quite the opposite. The band is back with original singer Kenny Leckremo on the lead, taking everyone on a speedy and […]

The dates of this new super HRH AOR 9 line-up will be 18th-19th June 2022, at O2 Ritz in Manchester. Honing in on the authenticity of the AOR brand, this venue will be hosting an incredibly strong and bold line-up of music with HRH AOR coming back in total style! HRH is back officially in the full calendar at full capacity after an 18-month blip. This is going to be a sensational event turned all the way up to 11! Earlybird full weekend tickets are priced at only £35 per person, £55 Royalty if you want the seated balcony, […]