Review: Frozen Tears – Brazen Whisper

Review: Frozen Tears – Brazen Whisper

MR Records (August 2021)

Reviewer: Jason Hopper

Frozen Tears’ ‘Brazen Whisper’ is a seven song EP follow-up from a band that released their debut album 24 years ago. I am not sure how many people remember this band as I have never heard of them.  A quick streaming play of their album ‘Silence of The Night’ from 1997 shows a much more improved production with this new release. There was virtually no bottom end on the debut.

The EP opens with the title track and is my favorite song on the album. Some awesome guitar licks from Jon Powers, who handles guitar, keyboards, and bass for most of the album. That’s a lot to take on but all parts are played with precision to enact a great melodic track. Singer Thanis Akritidis’ vocals shine on this track, with the layered background vocals in the chorus giving the song just the right kick it needs to make it a standout track.

Other great tracks include ‘You’, which follows the playbook for writing a catchy pop rock song. ‘Set Me Free’ changes things up a bit by adding some familiar touches of funk, a song that was clearly influenced by Extreme’s Get The Funk Out without being a carbon copy.

Other songs just didn’t work for me. While Thanis does an admirable job on some tracks, he falters on others. On mid-tempo rocker ‘Hold On Tight’, Thanis lowers his vocal register slightly when a soaring vocal performance would have been more applicable. Ballad ‘Can’t Stop’ features him over emoting, trying to force emotion into a song that does not need that type of push. Finally, the world does not need another cover version of a KISS song, so ‘C’mon and Love Me’, while performed well, is just not necessary, especially on a seven song EP.

Speaking of which, that was the first question I had when I received the bio for the band: A 24-year gap and only six new songs? I am also not convinced that the songs are “new”. On a few of the tracks, you can hear a tape “hiss” as the songs fade out. When was the last time anything was recorded on tape? That’s not to take away from the quality of the songs. I just do not understand why they could not cobble together at least three more songs for a full album.

I imagine the band is looking more towards streaming platform revenue than EP sales. To that extent, there are certainly a few tracks that melodic rock fans will find welcome additions to their collection of tunes. Some of the best stuff on here is miles better than what is on their last album, so hopefully there’s more to hear from this band as they seem to be on an upward trajectory.