Review: Hookers & Blow – Hookers & Blow

Review: Hookers & Blow – Hookers & Blow

Golden Robot Records (July 23rd 2021)

Reviewer: Dan Mann

There’s generally two strong reactions when you meantion a covers album, one of intregue and one of horror! I kind of understand the latter reaction, you know the originals well and you don’t want them changed or worse butchered.

Thankfully dear reader there is no butchering taking place on this self titled ‘Hookers & Blow‘ album. What the band deliver are twelve tracks from a variety of genres, some with their own take on.

An example of their own take or spin would be their cover of Zeppelin’s ‘No Quarter‘. Joining Dizzy Reed and Alex Grossi on the track is Alex’s bandmate Frankie Banali (who also features on the cover of ‘Trampled Underfoot‘), and together they really mix things up, not into some soggy mess in the corner, but an absolute belter of a track that had me reaching to crank it up!

In fact there isn’t a track I didn’t enjoy, even their cover of ‘You Gotta Fight For Your Right (To Party)‘, a song I’ve never really liked………until now.

Favorites for me are the aforementioned ‘No Quarter‘, Blue Öyster Cult’s ‘Godzilla‘ (Feat. the Okai Sisters) and The Zombies song ‘Time Of The Season‘.

All in all a great pick you up album, guarenteed to get your foot tapping and put a smile on your face, which let’s face it is the perfect prescription to have this year.