Review: Matt Long And The Revenant Ones – The Other Side

Review: Matt Long And The Revenant Ones – The Other Side

Self Release (July 16th 2021)

Reviewer: Dan Mann

The Other Side‘ is another casualty of Covid in the fact it was meant to have been released nearly a year ago. However at last there is a release date for this debut album from Matt Long & Co, otherwise known collectively as The Revenant Ones.

I’ve been a fan of Matt’s playing for a few years after initially seeing him in his other band Catfish, playing blues rock and then playing a in full rock mode at Bluesrockfest and finally an astounding acoustic set supporting Oli Brown.

As fellow blues guitarist Oli Brown has already shown, when some blues guitarists come over to the dark side as it were, then great things happen, and this is most certainly the case when it comes to Matt & Co with ‘The Other Side‘.

Those of you who for some reason haven’t heard this side of Matt will most likely raise an eyebrow or two, others will be ‘annoyed’ with a blues/blues rock guitarist daring to play rock, Oli Brown certainly got that kind of response from some quarters. Well get over it, sit back and crank some bloody great rock.

The Other Side‘ delivers in spades, Matt’s guitar playing is superb, it’s like he’s had the leg irons removed, his vocal delivery too just fits perfectly. Reinforcing this are the absolute powerhouse pairing of ex-RavenEye drummer and all round smiley person Kev Hickman and Catfish bassist Adam Pyke, who himself is showing his inner rock demon.

This really is an album that needs, no cries out to be played loud! From the opening bars of ‘So‘ to the final note of the eight and a bit minute closer ‘Across The Borderline‘ ‘The Other Side‘ is an album I’m enjoying immensly.

Favorite song is for me ‘Across The Borderline‘, which takes the album to a perfect crescendo.

I know Matt and Co will be chomping at the bit to get out and play this material live and when that happens ensure your there to hear it.

The Other Side‘is highly recommended.