Review: Mother Road – Drive (remastered)

Review: Mother Road – Drive (remastered)

Metalapolis Records (April 23rd 2021)

Reviewer: Dan Mann

It doesn’t seem seven years since ‘Drive‘ was originally released, that’s time that has truely flown by. But here’s some great news for those of you who missed out buying Mother Road‘s debut, as it is being re-released, having also been remastered by guitarist Chris Lyne, on April 23rd via Metalapolis Records.

Drive‘ needs to be on your ‘to buy/preorder’ list. Why? Well quite simply it’s a superb slab of hard rock that takes those of us of a certain age back to a particular time. No it’s not dated, or stale for that matter. It’s just a honest delivery of that bluesy rock that I love.

I’ve lost count how many times I’ve played the original release so I really was intregued as to what Mr Lyne had done during the remastering.

Okay I cannot give you a 100% accurate description due to the fact the promo is only 192kbps, however there are to my lugholes improvements on the original version. The bass sounds more taught, more controlled, while there’s a wider soundscape. There’s a certain clarity brought to the songs which remain in my humble opinion such a fabulous representation of this area of the rock genre.

Yes I like the album, I know it’s bleedin’ obvious, but it’s been a ‘go to’ since release and with this reissue hopefully more peeps will appreciate ‘Drive‘ too!

Psst, while your ordering ‘Drive‘, order the follow up ‘II‘ while your at it. You’ll thank me…