DeVicious is excited and proud to announce their return to Metalapolis Records. Last Thursday DeVicious has signed a multi-record deal for the next three albums with Metalapolis Records where the band has already released the albums ‘Reflections‘ & ‘Phase Three‘. After releasing 4 albums since 2018 and having to replace 2 singers, DeVicious finally found their permanent frontman with Baol Bardot Bulsara, the current singer of TNT. With him they entered the studio on July […]

Review: Kiss The Vyper – Hope You Like It Metalapolis Records (June 24th, 2022) Reviewer: Jason Hopper Kiss The Vyper is the brainchild of Australian multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, songwriter, engineer and producer Bobby Miller. They are back with their second album Hope You Like It.  Since this band was new to me, I decided to check […]

Review: Hunter – The Return Metalapolis Records (August 6th 2021) Reviewer: Jason Hopper Hunter, a band that released two albums in the 1980s to middling success in Germany, decide to give it another go with their new album, appropriately titled ‘The Return’. Not knowing much about the band, their bio states that they were heavily […]