Review: Electric Boys – Upside Down

Review: Electric Boys – Upside Down

Mighty Music (April 30th 2021)

Reviewer: Dan Mann

Those Scandi funksters the Electric Boys are back with their seventh album ‘Upside Down‘, which will be released on April 30th via Mighty Music.

I’ve been a fan of the band and their blend of rock music since buying their debut ‘Funk-O-Metal Carpet Ride‘ on it’s release back in 1989!

Over the years the band has tweaked and refined their music while maintaining the roots and very essence of their trademark sound.

This is certainly evident with ‘Upside Down‘, which delivers quite a mature sound, sometimes more restrained than the band’s earlier material.

Starting the album with an intrumental track that’s 7 minutes 20 seconds long is certainly a statement and boy does ‘Upside Down Theme‘ deliver the goods. Two minutes in you think that’s the end of the track but nope, queue some nice acoustic guitar and then we’re back headlong into a full soundscape, all underpinned by a taut, foot tapping bass line from Andy Christell .

Then we’re back to that trademark sound of the early albums with ‘Super God‘. This just reminds me why I became a fan all those years ago.

The lyricas of ‘Tumblin’ Dominoes‘ is certainly an observation of today’s society and lifestyles, while ‘Never Again Your Slave‘ kicks off with a huge helping of fuzz and then settles into a mid tempo rocker, yet still unmistakably Electric Boys.

More acoustic guitar on the intro of ‘She Never Turns Around‘ with Conny Bloom‘s vocals sounding superb, in all very atmospheric.

With a title ‘Globestrutter‘ you kind of anticipate a certain amount of shall we say swagger, which is what you get, as you do with ‘The Dudes & The Dancers‘ complete with a sing along chorus.

Twang ’em _ Kerrang ’em‘ is full of energy, a fast paced, catchy rocker, while things slow down again with ‘It’s Not The End‘, again with a pleasing acoustic vibe.

And we reach the final song. Another long player, ‘Interstellafella‘ kicks off with full on psychedelia, an all enveloping trip and a fitting end to another well crafted release from the band, which again tricks you into thinking it’s finished before delivering a spaced out vocal outro!

If your a fan then it’s undoubtably already on your pre-order list. If you fancy dipping your toe into this Scandi funkyness then you can’t really go wrong in buying ‘Upside Down‘ and ‘Funk-O-Metal Carpet Ride‘….oh and all albums inbetween!