The Outlaw Orchestra Release ‘Powercut’ & Share Video For ‘God Knows’

Following the success of their first class smokin’ 10-track Southern-fried debut, ‘Pantomime Villains‘ last year, The Outlaw Orchestra release their mini-album ‘Powercut’ (review Here) and share their brand-new official video for the track ‘God Knows’.

Titled ‘Powercut’, singer/guitarist Dave Roux explains “When we’re not on the road, we miss the stage and hanging with our outlaw buddies. When the bottles run empty, our country roots come out, usually in the small hours, so we’ve taken a handful of our favourite songs and played them as we would in a backroom, after folks have gone home, the chairs are up, lights are down and there are no wires or amps“.

It’s unplugged and acoustic with the trio masterfully stripping back their fully amped sound without losing any of its impact. The tracks transition from their trademark high tempo bar-room hell raising humour to heartfelt accomplished melodies in a style that only The Outlaw Orchestra can achieve.

Dan Mann for Rockposer Dot Com! says, “What the guys have delivered is not some hastily cobbled together version of their material, but instead you’re presented with a beautifully structured sound that fits perfectly with their style… ’Powercut‘ is just a delight to listen to, it’s everything a proper acoustic album should be. Hats (10 gallon or baseball) off to the boys for giving us something that will give you a purposeful stride while sporting a wide grin!

Darren Smith for Metal Planet Music sums it all up: “2021 has provided us with some great releases and ‘Powercut’ has just added itself to that list. The way the guys have written is just jaw droppingly beautiful. Talented individuals like Dave Roux, Pete Briley and Ryan Smith to show us and many future generations what they are put on this earth to do. For me, that is entertain and boy, do they entertain with a real panache“.

Powercut’ delivers the finest examples of stripped-back, raw, full-flavoured Outlaw Orchestra!

Powercut‘ can now be streamed/download from all digital platforms.


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Dave Roux – Guitar/Vocals

Pete Briley – Pedal Steel / Banjo

Ryan Smith – Drums/Percussion

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