Review: The Outlaw Orchestra – Powercut

Review: The Outlaw Orchestra – Powercut

Voodoo Queen Records (March 26th 2021)

Reviewer: Dan Mann

After the release of ‘Pantomime Villains‘ last year (review Here) that Southern (as in Southern England as well as musical style) three-piece The Outlaw Orchestra deliver us another dose of their unique blend, but this time in the form of an acoustic album, hence the title ‘Powercut‘!

If you include the US Of A radio DJ intro and outro, there are eight tracks, coming in at a tad over 22 minutes. What the guys have delivered is not some hastly cobbled together version of their material, but instead your presented with a beautifully structured sound that fits perfectly with their style.

From the fantastic and funny ‘Chicken Fried Snake‘ to the foot tapping ‘Back To Georgia‘, to my favorite on this album, ‘Send Some Whiskey Home‘,’Powercut‘ is just a delight to listen to, it’s everything a proper acoustic album should be.

Hats (10 gallon or baseball) off to the boys for giving us something that will give you a purposeful stride while sporting a wide grin!


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