AOR Heaven Sign Devils In Heaven; ‘Rise’ To Be Released In June 2021

Devils In Heaven are an Australian Melodic Rock group that had its heydays during the late 80’s and early 90’s, when they mainly toured Australia’s East Coast,bringing the band a loyal fan following. The biggest success the band, with singer Dave Whitney, had achieved at that time, was victory on a televised Australian talent show called “Star Search”, which resulted in the release of the single ‘Say A Prayer (One Departed‘ via Sony (Columbia Records).

A video from their Star Search performance is found in the band’s Youtube channel.

The line-up at the time consisted of Dave Whitney (Vocals/ Guitar), Matt Shield (Bass), Nelson Tabe (Keyboards) and Phil Crothers (Drums).

The band comments the new collaboration with AOR Heaven: “We, the remaining three members of Australian rock group Devils In Heaven, feel incredibly blessed to have been given the opportunity by AOR Heaven to release a full album of material, some of which has never before been released on CD, some 30 years after the band performed its final show. We would like to dedicate this release to our fallen comrade, drummer and backing vocalist Phil Crothers. We miss you brother. Our new album ‘Rise‘ showcases recordings from both our early days, as well as from our later years, plus it includes tracks written and recorded by singer David Whitney, after the Devils last show. We sincerely hope you enjoy the remastered versions, and thank you for supporting our music, and AOR Heaven, one of the last bastions of melodic rock on CD.

The release of the album ‘Rise‘ is scheduled for June 2021 and will be accompanied by liner notes written by Dave Reynolds.