BraveWords-Powered Streaming For Vengeance To World Premiere New Rough Cutt Video

Rough Cutt has announced the worldwide premiere of their new video and single ‘Black Rose‘. ‘Black Rose‘ will premiere March 25 at 3:33 PM EST on BraveWordsStreaming For Vengeance! In addition to the video, join Rough Cutt for a live Q&A with the band following the premiere of the video. Fans can watch Streaming For Vengeance on our Facebook page or our YouTube channel.

Hailing from the Sunset Strip’s hair metal days, Rough Cutt has gained a faithful audience worldwide and is excited about ‘Black Rose‘. It brings forth a new sound with reminiscent elements of their first two Warner Bros. albums, and a new lineup with pioneers Chris “The Count” Hager on guitars and Dave Alford on drums.

New guitarist and Shrapnel Records recording artist Darren Householder joins the ranks along with Oregon native and Pacific Northwest musician Jeff Buehner on bass guitar. Filling the shoes of the singer was no easy task, and required a dynamic talent and presence. Rough Cutt is happy to introduce new singer and Sunset Strip veteran Steven St. James. Steven fronted the prominent LA band Sarge in the ‘80s and soon became a Motown recording artist. His soaring range and melodic sense will usher you into a new sound, new songs, and yes, the new Rough Cutt.

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