Review: El Pistolero – Mexican Standoff

Review: El Pistolero – Mexican Standoff

Metalapolis Records (March 19th 2021)

Reviewer :Grant Foster

El Pistolero. Sounds Spanish doesn’t it? Or possibly South American? But the truth is that the band were formed in Mannheim, Germany in 2012. This release is their debut for Metalapolis Records.

Let’s get straight to the point. These lads are heavily influenced by Motörhead, Airbourne and AC/DC. They are h-e-a-v-y. The vocals are growly and raspy, guitars scream and there’s a thumping rhythm section. All the ingredients you need for a good time.

But the thing is, you still need good tunes. Their above names influences have written them in spades. For me, EP haven’t quite hit that particular nail on the head as yet. Opening track ‘Sticky Fingers’ is frantic, but just misses the mark. ‘Desert Road’ could have been something Lemmy rejected. ‘Seeds of Evil’ adds a touch of Southern rock to proceedings, but to my ears, the only real differential, is the pace of the tracks on offer. The band rages and roars and probably live they will probably ‘smash it’ or whatever the modern terminology is for putting on a good show these days! You can either add or deduct a point for having a song title with all the subtlety of ‘Liquor and Tits’.

These guys are full on bourbon, rye, tequila, naked women, rock and roll and bikes. But as Bon Scott proved, there is no substitute for a hand in a velvet glove some times.