Docker’s Guild Releases New Album Cover And Track List

Docker’s Guild is very proud to finally reveal the album cover for the upcoming album ‘The Mystic Technocracy – Season 2: The Age of Entropy‘. The fantastic artwork is by Carl-André Beckston.

Here is the final track list for the album. Three additional bonus tracks will be announced later, when the crowdfunding begins.

Episode 2.01                                Terminus
Episode 2.02                                K475 W.A.M.
Episodes 2.03 – 2.05                    Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle
a. Nocturne
b. Rings
c. Lucy
Episode 2.06                                Die Today
Episodes 2.07 – 2.09                    Machine Messiah
a. Part 1
b. Part 2
c. Part 3
Episode 2.10                                Le Chemin
Episode 2.11                                Atlantis Town
Episode 2.12                                The Arrow
Episode 2.13                                Crusades
Episode 2.14 – 2.18                      Into the Dahr Cages
a. The King in Purple
b. Cassilda’s Song
c. Urbs Aeterna
d. Pornocracy (Saeculum Obscurum)
e. The Head

Official Website






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