Docker’s Guild is very proud to finally reveal the album cover for the upcoming album ‘The Mystic Technocracy – Season 2: The Age of Entropy‘. The fantastic artwork is by Carl-André Beckston. Here is the final track list for the album. Three additional bonus tracks will be announced later, when the crowdfunding begins. Episode 2.01                                […]

Docker’s Guild is very proud to announce the lineup for its third album ‘The Mystic Technocracy – Season 2: The Age of Entropy‘. The lineup is split in two halves: International Artists: Douglas R. Docker (Biloxi, Vivaldi Metal Project, Chronomaster Project): bass, keyboards, vocals, spoken voice Joel Hoekstra (Whitesnake, TSO, Cher): guitars Sascha Paeth (Avantasia): guitars Nita Strauss (Alice Cooper): guitars Mio Jaeger (Frantic Amber): guitars Anneke Van Giersbergen (The Gathering, Devin Townsend): vocals Amanda Somerville (Avantasia, Trillium): vocals Elizabeth Andrews (Frantic Amber): extreme vocals Italian Artists: Helly (Killin’ Beaudelaire): drums Stefano Aglì: drums Anna Portalupi (Hardline, Tarja Turunen): bass Luca Pisu (I Fasti, Dirty Set): bass Roby Salvai (Roby Salvai Quintet): bass Giorgio Novarino (The Chronomaster Project): bass Toni Urzì (La Quadrilla): guitars Luigi Iamundo (The Chronomaster Project): guitars Valentina Procopio: vocals Anna Petracca: vocals Serena Moine: operatic vocals Alberto Macerata: recording engineer Mixed by Neil Kernon Produced by Douglas R. Docker […]