Review: Catfish – Exile: Live In Lockdown

Review: Catfish – Exile: Live In Lockdown

Catfish (December 1st 2020)

Reviewer: Dan Mann

Over Christmas I was sent Catfish‘s new live album & video ‘Exile: Live In Lockdown‘ to review, and they certainly helped pass the time in a very pleasant manner indeed.

Catfish have been a strong part of the British blues rock scene for several years now, having released three studio albums, ‘So Many Roads‘, ‘Broken Man’ and ‘Burning Bridges‘ (the last two of which were nominated for UK Blues Awards) as well as performing numerous live shows both here in the UK and across Europe.

The current band consists of Matt Long on guitar / vocals, Paul Long on keyboards, Adam Pyke on bass and Kev Hickman on drums. Matt has also ventured over to the dark side together with Adam & Kev with his rock band Matt Long and the Revenant Ones.

Having watched the video first, it’s certainly weird having no audience, but of course that was something well out of the band’s control. However, the picture and sound quality is top notch, and it shows what can be achieved by independent artists in this day and age.

The lack of audience also means that the album sounds more like a studio album than a live one, but don’t think of that as a negative, think more a ‘best of’ played live, if that makes sense.

Exile: Live In Lockdown‘ opens with the superb ‘Broken Man‘, certainly one of my favorite tracks from the band. At a tad over eleven minutes, it draws you in, as you find yourself hanging on every note and word.

What follows is another ten tracks, ranging from the Ryan McGarvey like ‘The Root Of All Evil‘ to the foot tapping ‘Better Days‘.

If you’re familiar with Catfish then I’m guessing there’s a good chance you’ve already purchased ‘Exile: Live In Lockdown‘. If they are new to you then this album is an excellent introduction to the band and their material.

All I can add is to commend the band on releasing such a top notch product under such difficult circumstances, and hopefully we can give them their live audience again sooner rather than later!