Review: Sainted Sinners – Unlocked And Reloaded

Review: Sainted Sinners – Unlocked And Reloaded

El Puerto Records (December 4th 2020)

Reviewer: Dan Mann

Sainted Sinners return not just with a new album, ‘Unlocked And Reloaded‘, but a new line-up to boot! Joining guitarist Frank Pané and drummer Berci Hirleman is Tygers Of Pan Tang singer Jack Meille on vocal duty as well as Ernesto Ghezzi from Gotthard on keyboards, and bassist Rico Bowen.

More than a resonable helping of experienced musicians then, but does that transfer to the album itself?

Let’s be perfectly honest, Sainted Sinners have never set out to reinvent the wheel, and there’s no reason they need to, as they deliver that uniquly European flavoured hard rock that I for one have always loved.

There are certainly simularities with other bands, be it a Kingdom Come like ‘Hammer Of The Gods‘ or a Vandenberg Moonkings sounding ‘Standing On Top‘. This is in no way a bad thing as it delivers a comforting familiarity.

Across the eleven tracks of ‘Unlocked And Reloaded‘ there is a mixture of styles, sometimes not flowing as smoothly between tracks as you’d expect. This doesn’t mean the album’s littered with duds, maybe it’s just my interpretation of how it’s been written.

One thing that does stand out is without question my favorite track on the album. ‘I Can’t Wait‘ just grabs me for some reason. Jack Meille‘s vocal delivery is outstanding, backed by such a solid, yet flowing soundscape behind him.

If you like just good, solid hard rock, then this is one to add to your pre-order/wish list.



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