Blitz Release ‘I Believe In Christmas’ Single

2020 hasn’t gone to plan for a lot of people and bands. Blitz have decided to at least brighten up the spirit of Christmas by bringing out their brand new single ‘I Believe In Christmas‘. If you think Slade and The Darkness and mix it together you get this fantastic Christmas single.

Sometimes there’s a million reasons not to do something, other people not getting it, what will the cool bridge say and  NOT ANOTHER XMAS SONG. So when Blitz decided to record a Xmas song and use it to donate all proceeds to Cancer Trust they thought let’s show the world that the Rock Community is full of cool people who want to make a difference, they knew it was the right thing to do. This is more than a Xmas song it’s a rallying call to try and help and send out a lifeline to people fighting Cancer and our awesome NHS. Never give up, Never give in.

Band Bio:

Blitz Biog update. Blitz returned to Axis studios with producer Matt Ellis known for his work with Massive Wagons and many breaking UK Rock bands. The album gained a tidal wave of positive reviews worldwide. The album was released by KSM Records and Entertainment. Blitz soon set about filming videos for tracks ‘Waiting For A Miracle‘, ‘Breaking Out‘, ‘Dance on Fire‘ and ‘One in a Million‘ which received views of 100,000 online filmed by Jay Hillayer of Black Star Riders and Wayward Sons fame. Blitz were taking over the air waves and nothing could stop them, that is until the world was besieged by the CoronaVirus, Blitz regrouped and came back by recording a Song in Lockdown to reconnect with their audience ( The Blitz Crew), and reconnect they did with a song called ‘We’re All Right‘, fans from across the world sent in pictures holding banners proclaiming WE’RE ALL RIGHT, Brazil, Japan, Korea, Italy, USA, UK, the song was a smash, a true feel good Juggernaut. As 2020 comes to an end Blitz once again decided to go against the grain and record a Xmas song, the song ‘I Believe In Christmas‘, has been called by Derby Times Kevin White “ The best xmas rock song since Slade and the Darkness. All proceeds go to Cancer UK at these difficult times, everything helps, at a time when people are struggling, Blitz strives to put some positivity out into the world/ universe. Blitz aren’t just a band they are a state of mind that embraces the true spirit of Rock n Roll a musical entertainment extravaganza. Is Rock n Roll dead shout HELL NO.