Black Whiskey Launch Fundraiser And Share Video In Aid Of Royal Marsden Hospital

Our friends British hard rock band Black Whiskey have shared the following messag.

A message from Black Whiskey to you, our friends and supporters.

You probably know that our guitar player, Kev Ingles, has been dealing with a very nasty and aggressive form of cancer for a few years now. He is still full of ideas, riffs and music but he is simply too tired and sick most of the time to focus on making the music he loves. It’s heartbreaking to see our friend dealing with this.

We had hoped that 2020 would be a year when we could make the most of the periods when Kev is a fully functional rock ’n’ roller. We had some festival shows booked, we had some new song ideas. Hey, we thought, maybe we could make another album.

Sadly, Black Whiskey is, like most bands, unable to function properly under Covid-19 restrictions. As time goes by we are less confident that we will be able to get back on stage or back into the studio. Our drummer Rich decided to put some footage together and make a video for our song, ‘Timebomb,’ a song about the one thing you can’t buy more of. The footage brought lumps to our throats and lots of happy memories of the last few years. We’ve met some very cool people and made some great friends. These memories are precious to us and we hope to be able to make more of them.

Kev has been supported throughout his illness by the Royal Marsden. The people there are among the best of us so , to accompany this video, we have posted a link to a Just Giving page to raise money for the Royal Marsden.

We hope you enjoy the video as much as we do and we hope to see you out on the road once things open up again.